Issue 1 New Products 2021

NEW crunchy, honeycomb-flavoured, chocolate-coated Maltybites! Plant-based and vegan friendly Malteser-style balls that deserve to be noticed. Smooth dark chocolate surrounds a golden honeycomb ball. A delicious, but light, crunchy snack that’s oh so moreish!

AHM-MB2 • 50g • 18 Per Case

Bio & Me Super Seedy & Nutty Granola Supercharged with extra seeds and nuts to tickle tastebuds and support a healthy gut. We think your customers might just ‘go nuts’ for it!

ABIO-SSEED • 360g • 6 Per Case

Hazelnuts have been shown to help manage bood cholesterol, which is linked with lowering the risk of heart disease

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