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W ho doesn’t love a good underdog story? From sports movies like “Rocky” to seeing the outmatched rebels defeating the evil Empire in “Star Wars” for the hundredth time, there’s something inspiring about watching someone overcome impossible odds. I’ve always loved underdog stories, but as I got older, I realized that the underdogs rarely come out on top in real life. The good guys don’t always win when they’re facing down against big corporations with more money and resources. I became a lawyer because I wanted to help the underdogs and make their lives better. THE ROAD TO PERSONAL INJURY LAW THERE FOR THE UNDERDOG

I wanted to be the best personal injury lawyer possible. In addition to learning all I could while clerking, I knew the best way to represent my clients would be to know how the other side thinks. After my clerkship, I took a job at a defense firm that represented insurance companies and governmental entities. Within two days, I recognized that line of work was not for me.

At that firm, I felt like I was going against what I was being naturally called to do.

My plan was to get three years of experience, but I didn’t know if I would last 12 months! Fortunately, six months after starting at that firm, I was offered an amazing opportunity to work with an experienced personal injury law firm in Atlanta. This was a welcome change. From my first day on the job, I knew this was who I am and what I was meant to do.

Working at that personal injury firm proved to be the best decision I made. For four years, I learned about a variety of cases, gained a lot of experience, and was able to help a lot of


people. But I knew that wasn’t the end of my journey. I’m the kind of person who is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. I knew that on the horizon, I would open my own firm where I could do things my way. I believe that when someone hires a law firm, they deserve an attorney who is going to treat their case like it’s the most important case of their life — because, for our clients, their case usually is the most important case of their life. This is what The Champion Firm is built on. We want to get more than a “good result” for our clients. We want to make sure our clients have an opportunity to get better in every sense of the word, even if that means we have to fight longer and harder than other firms do.

Everyone has something they’re naturally inclined to do. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve felt a need to help people. If there’s some way I can help someone who’s struggling, I have to be there for them. Being a lawyer puts me in a position where I am able to help those who can’t help themselves. There are many areas of law I could practice, but given my natural inclination for helping people, personal injury was the only place I could be. I spent the first two years after law school clerking for a federal court judge. This was one of the best experiences of my life. I got to watch a lot of trials and hearings, review briefs and motions from veteran attorneys, and draft opinions for the judge. I learned a lot about how the court works and how juries view things. This great experience helped prepare me for the demands of representing personal injury clients.

If you really want to help the underdogs, you have to be willing to go the distance.

–Darl Champion

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It’s no secret that superhero movies are dominating the box office. The highest- grossing movies of 2018 (and the third and fourth highest-grossing of all time) were “Black Panther” and “Avengers: Infinity War.” There’s never been a better time to be a fan of superheroes or to become a fan of superhero comics. If your kids are interested in reading more about superheroes, here are a few great titles your whole family can enjoy together. ‘MS. MARVEL’ Since her debut in 2013, Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, has been a wildly popular character, and her comic has gained critical acclaim. A 2015 Hugo Award winner, “Ms. Marvel” explores what it means to be a teenager, a first-generation American, a friend, and a superhero. The storylines promote an important message: “Good is not a thing you are, it’s a thing you do.” In just a few years, Ms. Marvel has become an established superhero in comics, and it won’t be long before she steps onto the big screen with a live-action movie.

‘SUPER SONS: THE POLARSHIELD PROJECT’ Jon Kent, son of Superman, and Damian Wayne, son of Batman, couldn’t be more different. But when a mysterious force threatens the world, these super sons must learn to trust each other — and themselves — to save the day. Based on the hit “Super Sons” comic book series, “Super Sons: The Polarshield Project” doesn’t hit shelves until April 2, 2019, which means you and your kids have plenty of time to reserve a copy of this graphic novel at your local comic book shop! ‘CHAMPIONS’ “Champions” is a story about teenage superheroes, but don’t expect pizza or relationship drama in these panels. These comics tackle how young people today approach problems with a readiness to rally together and take matters into their own hands. “Champions” doesn’t shy away from hard topics, making it more appropriate for older kids and teens. But that doesn’t mean this story lacks heart or humor. Featuring comic favorites like Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man as well as popular newcomers, “Champions” is about identity, purpose, and what it really means to save the world. area of the law is because the law is complicated. There are nuances in everything. If attorneys spread themselves thin in the types of cases they take, they can easily miss a detail that would have really helped their client. In some smaller cities, it may be beneficial for one lawyer to juggle many different kinds of cases. But in Atlanta, clients have the benefit of being able to hire a lawyer who specializes in solving the exact problem they are dealing with. If you needed brain surgery, would you rather go under with a specialized brain surgeon operating on you, or a doctor who also does shoulders and knees? At The Champion Firm, we only handle personal injury cases because that means we’re able to give our clients the specialized care they deserve. But this doesn’t mean we aren’t able to also help our clients when their legal needs fall outside our area of expertise. We’ve been working in Atlanta for many years and have created strong relationships with other attorneys in the area. Need help with contracts, taxes, divorce, or even real estate? Before you wade into the unknown, give our office a call! We can refer you to another attorney we trust to take care of our clients when we can’t help them. Find these titles and other incredible stories at your local comic book shop.


At The Champion Firm, our priority is helping people who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. We specialize in personal injury law and work with clients who were the victims of car accidents, medical malpractice, and even slip and fall accidents. Thanks to our high rates of success in getting our clients the settlements they deserve, it’s not uncommon for past clients to come to us with new problems, such as divorce or estate planning. Since we are a personal injury firm, we cannot offer clients legal advice in other areas. We pride ourselves on not being a “jack of all trades, master of none” practice. These kinds of firms are easy to spot as they advertise a laundry list of practice areas. They claim they can help with everything from family law and criminal defense to real estate closings and bankruptcy. WHY WE AREN’T A JACK OF ALL TRADES

While it’s not wrong or illegal for a lawyer to practice many different areas, the reason most attorneys only work in one


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Some personal injury firms seem to put a lot of focus on their marketing. Massive billboards on the highway, commercials on late-night television, and radio ads during your commute. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but this kind of marketing is often a sign of a “settlement mill,” a breed of law firm that focuses on mass-producing case settlements, often to the detriment of their clients. Here are four red flags to help you avoid being trapped at a settlement mill. Beware the Billboard Attorney 1. THE ATTORNEY HAS A MASSIVE CASELOAD. Settlement mills scoop up as many cases as possible. This means an attorney at a settlement mill could be handling upwards of 200 cases at one time. This creates a great deal of stress for the people injured 4 Signs of a Settlement Mill

keep the firm running smoothly, but at settlement mills, case managers and paralegals carry a heavier burden, and the clients suffer for it. 3. THE ATTORNEY ISN’T PREPARED TO GO TO TRIAL. Settlement mills operate on a business model of speed in order to make a quick buck. Going to trial demands investing considerable time and money into a single case, and this would break their business model. This is bad news for clients because insurance companies know they can give low settlement offers to attorneys who won’t go to trial and fight for their clients.


If you’re out of work due to an injury and need cash to support your family, the promise of a quick settlement sounds great. But some cases demand a little extra time to get them right. Because of the high caseload and the priority of speed, settlement mills will often settle cases for far less than they’re worth so they can get paid and move on to the next case. Hiring a lawyer can be challenging, but it’s important to give yourself and your case the respect they deserve. Call 404-596-8044 and speak to a respected personal injury firm about finding the right attorney for your case.

in these cases, who often report that phone calls are never returned or questions are left unanswered.

2. YOU AREN’T ABLE TO WORK DIRECTLY WITH YOUR ATTORNEY. When an attorney is handling hundreds of cases at a single time, they can’t give their clients the one-on- one attention they deserve. Clients often only speak to support staff. All law firms rely on staff members to



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BUTTERCUP THE POT-BELLIED PIG Lois Brady, a speech pathologist who works with special needs students in San Francisco, has a secret weapon in her arsenal: Buttercup, her black, 70-pound Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. His docile nature makes him the perfect companion for autistic children, who are often easily startled. Because Buttercup is an unusual sight in classrooms, children find him fascinating. In 2017, an autistic student who had never spoken to his classmates before felt compelled to crawl out from beneath his desk to pet Buttercup. Afterward, the child spoke to the class for the first time. “It was a remarkable breakthrough,” says Brady. ROCKY THE MINIATURE HORSE At just 32 inches high and 325 pounds, Rocky packs a lot of cuteness into one small package. He’s not a pony but rather a breed of miniature horse historically used in coal mines in the 17th century. His specialty is working with retired veterans at the VA Community Living Center in Phoenix, Arizona, where the residents know him and look forward to his visits. For some, Rocky’s visits are bittersweet. “I wish I could have had more time to spend with horses,” says one veteran as he scratches Rocky’s ears. “There’s something calming about them.”

Everyone has heard of therapy dogs and cats, but did you know

virtually any critter can be a therapy or support animal? Therapy animals help humans cope with PTSD, anxiety, depression, injury, high blood pressure, and chronic pain, as well as a wide

range of other conditions and difficulties. Therapy animals range from guinea pigs that can fit in a purse to dolphins that swim with amputees. Here are three unique companions who make

a difference in the lives of people who need them.

ROJO THE LLAMA Mountain Peaks Therapy Llamas and Alpacas in Portland, Oregon, has conducted over 1,500 visits during the last decade and helps over 10,000 people each year. Their star llama, Rojo, is one of just 14 llamas registered as a therapy animal in the United States. Rojo’s exceptionally gentle temperament is calming to everyone who meets him. He’s so well-loved and has become such a big deal that he has his own Facebook page and two children’s books!


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