Spada Law Group - March 2020

The Definition of Invaluable

Joan Johnson Keeps the Show Running

everything but title. When Attorney Spada is away, Joan makes sure everything keeps running. From organizing the manual labor to getting a wall painted and supervising cleanup after a flood, when there’s an emergency, Joan is often responsible for single-handedly keeping the firm running. “If this place doesn’t succeed, I don’t succeed,” Joan says. “That’s how I look at it. Attorney Spada did a big thing when his partner passed away. He kept the firm going, and he didn’t have to do that. We would have all been out of a job. I want him to know I appreciate it by giving this place my all. And it’s not just myself. All the girls here feel this way. Three of us have been here for years and years. If we can help in any way, that’s what we’re here for.” When Joan isn’t making sure everything is running smoothly at the office, she’s hanging out with her family at home. Joan enjoys spending time with her sons, her future daughter-in-law, her two dogs, and her “fur-baby grandson,” also known as her son’s German shepherd, JJ.

If you were to look up the definition of “invaluable” in the dictionary, you’ll learn this word is an adjective that means “extremely useful; indispensable.” You’ll also see a picture of our case manager, Joan Johnson, as an example. Before Joan joined our firm, she worked for another attorney located just across the street from us. She’d been at that firm for 15 years when the attorney was appointed a clerk at one

of the district courts. To thank Joan for her long service, that attorney made some phone calls before announcing he was closing his office. When he was ready to break the news to Joan that she was about to be out of a job, he quickly followed it up with the fact that our firm was looking to hire. “I love helping out our clients,” said Joan when asked what’s kept her coming back into the office for so many years. “When people are down and out, I’m proud to be part of getting them a fair settlement. I enjoy what I do, and I’m not planning on leaving for years, if ever!” Joan came to the firm with high marks, but even we weren’t prepared for how truly invaluable she would become over the following 12 years. In addition to being a case manager, Joan is our office manager in

review of the month

“Amazing, professional, tough … all you want in an attorney! We cannot say enough good things about Leonard, Joan Johnson, and the entire staff at Spada Law Group. They truly know what they’re doing, were tremendously helpful, very professional, and did not take ‘no’ for an answer. I highly recommend calling them should you ever be in the need for an attorney. Personally, we will only call them from now on.” –Kim Dec. 13, 2019


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