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May/June 2020


Mother’s Day is May 10, and Father’s Day is June 21 this year. In honor of that, I thought I would share some of my thoughts about parenting for this edition of the newsletter. It’s not easy to raise a child in the jungle of this world. My husband and I have just one son together. If raising him has taught me anything, it’s that sometimes it feels like you’re tossing your kid out there into the middle of a cage full of tigers. Parenting can be scary, but we have to be willing to take risks. The more we empower our kids, the more likely they are to survive and make good decisions on their own. We have to fight the urge to “helicopter parent” and trust that our kids will learn to make their own decisions based on our guidance , not our constant monitoring. Another lesson I’ve learned from parenting is that the most efficient way to get the behavior you want from your child is to focus on the positive. That has been an important lesson in raising our son, and it even informs the way we talk to kids in our office. We try pointing out the positive things in their behavior instead of hitting them with a wave of negative reactions to their dental hygiene. Of course, we provide a correction when necessary, but correcting is different than reacting to and focusing on negative behavior. As parents, we have to remember that the same tools that work for teachers can also work for us. Yes, these are our kids,

and sometimes we will get frustrated and impatient with them. But when we treat them as kindly and empathically as we would expect a teacher to treat their students, we will get that positive communication right back from our kids. It doesn’t matter if it’s a patient, a student, or my own son. Emphasizing the positive is the best way to get more of what you want. My husband and I are both busy — he runs a chiropractic clinic — but he has always been very good at making sure he

have a very open and close relationship, and I credit it to the fact that my husband is an excellent listener. He’s good at waiting, hearing my son out, and then providing guidance. They are close, at least partly, because my husband is so good at focusing on the positive. This year, to all the mothers and fathers out there, my advice is to be gentle with your sons and daughters. Listen to them all the way through before sharing your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to let them take risks, and trust

carves out time to spend with our son. When he first went away to college, our son would call home almost every night, and my husband would clear that time in his schedule. The two of them would be on the phone for almost an hour. They

that you’ve done your job well enough that they will make the right decision.

–Dr. Alexa Alborzi

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Maria does a little bit of everything at Alborzi Orthodontics, but her central focus is dental imaging. She uses a digital wand to scan people’s mouths, and after the scan is complete, Maria says she can show people 3D pictures of their teeth. The computer generates a model of expected treatment results, and in that way, Maria helps people clearly understand their predicted treatment results. Before joining the team at Alborzi Orthodontics, Maria was the lead teller at a bank. She’s much happier now. She likes working with patients and enjoys being able to show people how making small changes to their behavior, like wearing rubber bands more, for example, can help them break through, if their

treatment isn’t going as expected, and see great results.

Maria has lived in the San Bruno area for more than 20 years. She’s getting married this May, so the majority of her time now is taken up by planning her wedding. But when she’s not doing that, Maria enjoys spending time with her Chihuahua mix and doing her friends’ makeup. When asked about her favorite part of working at Alborzi Orthodontics, Maria doesn’t hesitate before saying it’s the people. “Everyone is so relaxed here,” she says. The team works hard, but that doesn’t stop Alborzi Orthodontics from being a fun work environment that Maria enjoys.


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When most people think about Invisalign, what comes to mind is getting a straight smile. However, there are many reasons to request an Invisalign treatment, including these three.

or gum disease. And while gum disease is easy to treat in the early stages, if left untreated, it can lead to widespread tooth decay, tooth loss, and other oral health issues.


Speed of Treatment

Malocclusion can be difficult to diagnose in teenagers because the bones of their jaws are still forming, but the degree of future oral misalignment is usually at least partly predictable. In adults, malocclusion is easier to diagnose and can include teeth that are

While treatment time ultimately comes down to the needs of each individual patient, Invisalign is usually the fastest treatment option to straighten a smile.

Average treatment time for Invisalign is from 6–18 months, whereas braces take an average of two years.

spaced too far apart, overcrowded teeth, twisted teeth, overbites, and underbites. In both teenagers and adults, Invisalign can help correct Malocclusion by applying steady corrective pressure to reposition the teeth.

As you can see, there are more reasons than just the cosmetic to seek corrective oral treatment with Invisalign. At Alborzi Orthodontics, we are one of the nation’s leading Invisalign providers. Call (650) 342-4171 to schedule your consultation today!

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

When teeth are overcrowded and crooked, they’re difficult to clean. In some cases, teeth are too crowded for even a thin piece of floss to fit between, let alone the bristles of a toothbrush. Not being able to clean teeth properly can lead to periodontal disease,

Laugh Out



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2. Scrape the mixture down the sides of the bowl.

3. Turn the processor on again and slowly pour in olive oil.

4. Blend for 1 minute or until smooth.

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Bird-watching is like a lifelong scavenger hunt that you can play anywhere on Earth. The activity provides a mixture of science, travel, and beauty, and it’s a chance to get outside for feathered adventures and quiet reflection. The month of May is a great time of year to go birding because rising temperatures prompt spring migration. So if you’re eager to begin bird-watching, there’s no better time than now. Here are some tips to get started.

Educate Yourself Thousands of species of birds span all corners of the globe. That’s why finding them is an exciting prospect — there’s no end to the hunt! Start by researching birds that are native to your location. Purchase a field guide with pictures of each bird and maps of their range and use it to figure out where different birds live. From there, it’s easy to pick your first spotting goal. You can even get yourself extra excited by watching a few bird documentaries. Gear Up One of the best things about birding is that you don’t need a lot of equipment to do it.

As long as you’ve got your field guide and comfortable walking shoes, the only other thing you’ll need is a pair of binoculars. And they don’t have to be fancy. As long as they can zoom in on faraway trees and perches, they’ll work for now. You can always upgrade later. Go Exploring Your very first birding excursion is important because you don’t want to be overwhelmed or underwhelmed. So use your field guide to home in on a single bird and go find it. It may be local, or you can plan a trip to a specific bird’s natural habitat. Stay focused and don’t get distracted by other species. The thrill that

comes with spotting your first bird will keep you coming back to find the rest.

Bird-watching is a wonderful hobby because it’s easy to get started and can last a lifetime. As long as you can walk, drive, or look out a window, you can be a birder. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find some birds!

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