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Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary

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B y the time you read this, my wife, Maggie Timothy, and I will have celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. As I write this in mid-July, we are planning to take a four-day weekend trip to Asheville, North Carolina, in early August to celebrate. We did that on our 20th anniversary and stayed in a hotel in down- town Asheville. We parked the car in the hotel parking lot and did not use it the whole time we were there. We simply walked around downtown Asheville, away from the sweltering August heat of the Piedmont, and visited shops, art galleries, and all kinds of restaurants. We had a great time just hanging out in the very nice city of Asheville, the “Paris of the South,” and we are looking forward to doing it again this year. Everyone tells me that being married for 30 years is quite an accomplishment. I suppose it is, but if you both take your wedding day promises to heart and try to be a good person on a day-to-day basis I don’t think it’s that difficult to get through all those years. Now, we have had plenty of stress during our 30 years as a married couple. As regular readers of this newsletter know, our oldest child, Robbie, had some significant disabilities, so taking care of him added to our stress levels. Maggie and I went to law school together and were married just before our third year of law school began. Being a law student is also stressful. After we graduated from law school as newlyweds in 1988, I landed a job with a firm here in Charlotte, and we moved. Maggie did not immediately start working as a lawyer, so I supported us on my salary alone. As a new lawyer in 1988, I did not make very much money, and funds were tight for many years. A year after I started practicing, our son Robbie came along, and Maggie had to stay home with him for a couple of years before getting started on her career as an attorney. We both had student loans to repay in addition to all our other bills. Maggie’s old car died, and her brother, who was working overseas and did

not need his car, gave her his car. Our parents helped us out occasionally, too.

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After a while, we had two incomes, but then our second child was born, so another maternity leave was needed. Eventually, our third child was born, and his birth coincided with a lack of after-school care for Robbie, who needed special attention due to his medical needs. At that point we decided that Maggie would be a stay- at-home mother to the baby, Will, and the disabled elementary school student, Robbie. Because she was home with the oldest and the youngest, our middle child, Jamie, stayed home too. Maggie continued in this role as a stay-at-home mom for 16 years. Jamie grew up and graduated from college and began living on his own; the baby, Will, turned 16 and could take care of himself during the day, and Robbie moved into a group home setting where others took care of him. Finally, after 16 years, she got herself back into the work force and began practicing law with the Fisher Law Group in Charlotte, doing what she loves: representing juveniles who are involved in the legal system. In addition to representing juveniles she also represents parents whose children are involved in the system, and she does expungements for people who have a criminal charge on their record that is obstructing their ability to get a job. She is happier now that she is back to work and using her law degree. In short, those 30 years of marriage have been eventful in many ways. We have learned that life is truly a journey, with a lot of unexpected bumps and turns and ditches along the way. You just need to keep your head down and focus on moving forward, taking care of your responsibilities, and living up to the promises that you’ve made. Hopefully Maggie and I will both live long enough to spend another 30 years together!

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– Bob Bollinger

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