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Blending Global Sourcing with Local Craftsmanship is the Tekto Ethos

All Tekto Knives are designed with the mission in mind — that is why they engineer them to be the ideal tactical everyday carry. They’ve made a commitment to delivering exceptional quality with tactical design — it’s at the heart of everything they do. Their manufacturing process is a testament to this ethos, uniquely blending global sourcing with local craftsmanship to create knives that are not just tools, but trusted companions. Design and Testing Every Tekto knife begins its journey in their design studio, where innovation meets functionality. First, their team of expert designers and engineers in the USA sketches, models, and prototypes each knife with precision and care. Then the prototype models go through rigorous testing and refinement. Blades are tested for sharpness, hardness and strength. Handles are tested for grip, fit, and functionality. Both are tested for durability — but they also take into account the aesthetics of the knife. Does the production method result in a well-designed, good looking, and functional knife? Are colors even? Through this process, they do their best to ensure that every aspect of the knife, from the blade to the handle, meets their high standards of performance and durability. This process ensures that when a Tekto knife reaches your hands, it’s not only tactically designed but also built to last. Sourcing of Materials Their manufacturing process employs a hybrid model, sourcing both locally and globally to bring you the best of both worlds. Critical components are imported from trusted partners overseas, chosen for their specialized materials and expertise. This global sourcing approach allows them to incorporate the finest materials into their knives, ensuring quality without compromise. Concurrently, they take pride in producing several key parts (such as some of their blades) right here in Maine and other localities in the USA. By investing in local production, they support local communities and have greater control over the manufacturing process, ensuring each part meets their exacting standards.

Assembly in the USA Once everything has been sourced, they move on to the assembly portion of their business. This process takes place entirely in the USA, at their home office in Portland, Maine. In Portland, knives are assembled, cleaned, tested, and made customer-ready. Knives are exclusively assembled there so that they can maintain a hands-on approach to quality control. This meticulous process ensures that every knife is perfectly balanced, with a seamless fit and finish that reflects their commitment to craftsmanship. Quality Control Their quality control measures involve multiple checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process. Just as each component part is inspected during assembly to ensure peak functionality, each knife is inspected to guarantee that it meets their high stand- ards of quality and performance. Their attention to detail allows them to provide premium quality knives to your customers. They back their manufacturing and design with a limited lifetime warranty covering any and all defects in materials or in workmanship. With their use of blended local and imported parts, Tekto has pioneered a hybrid manufacturing model that sets new standards in the knife industry. This approach allows them to offer your customers top-quality knives at competitive prices, and it reflects their long term dedication to excellence and affordability. Whether your customer is an outdoor enthusiast or a casual knife enthusiast, a Tekto knife is a symbol of trust, designed and crafted to accompany them on every adventure.


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