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Heat Up Your Pepper Spray Sales With Unique Defender ® OC Products from ASP

There are lots of good OC (Pepper Spray) products on the market, and if you’re a retailer of firearms, law enforcement equipment or sporting goods, chances are you have a display full of them in your store. Most OC devices are of similar form and function — a canister with a trigger and safety device of some kind mounted to the top of it — but Kroll supplier Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) has taken a different approach to the category. Their unique Defender products look and work like no other OC devices on the market. ASP is first and foremost a law enforce- ment equipment manufacturer, so they originally created the Defender line as an option for off-duty or plain clothes officers. That led to those officers giving them to their spouses and children, which led to broader civilian consumer interest. Here’s what makes Defender OC so different: Potent performance, incredibly sleek and discreet design The ASP Defender disperses potent, police-grade, 1.33% major capsaicinoid OC. It’s miserable if you’re the bad guy at the receiving end. But even the best self- defense tool is useless if you don’t have it with you when you need it, so ASP designed the Defender to be easy to carry anywhere, any time. Its slim form factor, innocuous appearance and available fashion colors don’t scream “weapon.” Its compact size (2 sizes available) and multiple carrying options mean it never needs to be left home — whether carrying in a pocket or even the smallest purse, on a keyring or using the available neck lanyard, the Defender is an easy 24/7 personal safety companion. Replaceable Insert System With most OC sprays, once used or expired, the whole device is discarded. The ASP Defender, on the other hand, is a premium tool that will last

a lifetime. Rather than being a “one-and-done” disposable unit, it uses inexpensive, replaceable aerosol inserts. So if the Defender is used, or on the recommended replacement date, the user simply discards the insert and puts a new one in the device. This modular design also allows the user to replace the active “Heat” canister with an

inert “Test” canister, for training and function checks. Each Defender includes a Heat insert, Test inserts are available separately.

Unique personal defense concept, supported by training

Also different about the the Defender is that it is held horizontally, like a flashlight — a more natural reactive and defensive position. And it doesn’t require precise aim; rather, it sprays a cone shaped cloud of irritant that ASP calls the “OC Shield.” When needed, the thumb safety is released and the actuator depressed for a short burst, putting this painful cloud between the would-be victim and the aggressor. Bad guy has to move through it to keep advancing, and begins reacting to the OC very quickly, giving the user time and distance to get away. The learning curve for using ASP Defenders is short and easy. But for those interested in professional training, ASP has created the new “Be Your Own Defender” (BYOD) training program, with classes starting to get set up around the world. Individuals interested in the class, or training professionals interested in becoming certified as instructors, can find more information at ASP Defenders are must-have tools for anyone interested in personal safety for themselves or the ones they love. And they’re great for business, too — offering customers a unique option in the category, supported by ASP’s uncompromising quality, purchase-driving product packaging, and legendary reputation in the defensive product and training world.


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