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Dual-Light Flashlights Offer Law Enforcement Important Advantages

Ironically, one of the biggest challenges officers and detectives face with flashlight use is too much light for the need at hand.

Law enforcement officers and detectives rely on flashlights daily during their investigations, whether that’s a traffic stop, domestic disturbance, or crime scene. Daylight scenarios can suddenly turn into dark, poorly lit environments in a matter of seconds. A flashlight allows them to deploy and direct personal lighting precisely where it’s needed, helping officers maintain control over lighting conditions for safety and security. Flashlights are also optimal for providing oblique lighting when searching for evidence on the ground in dark or confined spaces. Ironically, one of the biggest challenges officers and detectives face with flashlight use is often too much light for the need at hand. Searching under seats, in trunks and reading documents like driver’s licenses requires an even, soft light source for minimal glare. Tactical flashlights, often project- ing 1,000 lumens or more of tightly ocused light are often a hinderance in these searches, creating blinding reflections and blow-back from light colored surfaces. Nightstick, the original creator of the dual light flashlight, solved this problem with the invention of the dual-light flashlight for patrol use. In addition to the traditional forward-facing flashlight beam that illuminates distant objects, Nightstick added a secondary soft area floodlight to help users retain

visual acuity often lost by pupil constriction from reflected light. This downward-facing floodlight provides officers with a soft secondary flood light, ideal for evidence searches and documentation illumination. In addition to visual acuity being preserved, another benefit of dual-light mode is the increased safety and awareness to the user. Dual-light flashlights help officers regain lost peripheral vision caused by typically having to “wave the light” back and forth while walking and searching. The added safety of a simultaneous downward facing flood light in addition to the main spotlight beam provides additional peripheral illumination in front of the officer, while maintaining primary illumination towards distance spaces. While not a top-of-mind concern for most officers, the National Safety Council (NSC) reports the third leading cause of nonfatal work- related injuries is the “falls, slips, and trips,” category. Nightstick’s complete line of dual-light duty flashlights for law enforcement includes full size rechargeable models in both metal and polymer bodies as well as smaller 1” diameter USB- rechargeable models for the ultimate in compactness and power. To see the complete Nightstick product line and all body and style options, visit


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