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Built for Battle. Tough for Life. Creating a Better Eyeshield.

At ESS, their focus is on developing innovative protective eyewear solutions that seamlessly fit and integrate with the mission and wearer. ESS has been designing and creating eye protection solutions for over 25 years, earning a reputation as a leading manufacturer of ballistic eye protection, trusted by militaries worldwide, and authorized for use by the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Their products not only endure the harshest environmental hazards but have also proven themselves on battlefields for over two decades. They don’t cut corners and stand by their innovative approach to building eyewear systems. Their eyeshield components integrate and work together to create an interchangeable eyewear platform.

on the inside and prevent scratches on the outside, while distortion-free ESSOPTICS™ keeps your vision sharp. The DedBolt™ Lens Lock pivot allows for quick lens exchanges. At ESS, they actively listen to feedback from real people in the field, incorporating ideas of form and function to answer the questions of why and how. This intersection of intense listening and design is what makes the whole of CrossBlade greater than the sum of its parts. This product was designed and built by humans for humans, solving issues like lens fogging and scratching during everyday use, and addressing microclimates around the head caused by heat and sweat. ESS CrossBlade eyeshields come equipped with ClearZone TM dedicated flow-coated Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch Lens coatings. These advanced coatings are applied to each side of the lens separately, providing the best anti-fog and anti-scratch solution for vision. The Anti-Fog coating is applied to the inside of the lens, where the hydrophobic coating repels moisture buildup. To protect the exterior of the 2.2mm thick polycarbonate lens from scratching, a hard coating is applied to the outside, ensuring a long-lasting eyeshield. If lenses get damaged or users desire a different tint, accessory lenses can be purchased separately or as part of a full eyeshield kit. Lastly, as part of the ESS Cross-Series eyeshield platform, all CrossBlade components are cross- compatible and interchangeable with other ESS Eyeshield models, including ESS Crossbow, ® Suppressor, and Crosshair™ Eyeshields, all of which can also accept prescription inserts. The ESS U-Rx insert securely mounts behind the primary lens for a stable Rx platform to rely on. At ESS, their innovation and ideas are born from user feedback, and they continuously explore ways to enhance their product offerings. New for winter 2023/2024, ESS has partnered with Realtree ® to create a new line of eye protection featuring the latest photorealistic camo pattern, Realtree ® MAX-7, with the Realtree logo laser-engraved on our ballistic lenses. As an ESS Elite Member, you have exclusive early access to this collection. Realtree MAX-7 can seamlessly blend into almost any waterfowl hunting environment. At ESS, they celebrate the hunt as much as the process itself, offering eyewear that not only provides legendary ballistic protection but also pays homage hunters everywhere.

Their newest Eyeshield series, the ESS CrossBlade and CrossBlade NARO, exemplify this approach to eyewear solutions. They meet and exceed the most stringent safety standards, including ANSI-Z87+ MIL-SPEC, OSHA, and CE, offering protection against UVA/UVB and complying with safety standards. The ESS CrossBlade Eyeshield provides lens options for different lighting conditions, including three types of Laser Protective Lenses for visible and IR wavelengths. Crafted from lightweight and durable polycarbonate materials, the frame ensures a comfortable fit. The CrossBlade Standard and the smaller CrossBlade NARO provide you with the choice to find the right fit. The new ESS CrossBlade™ Eyeshield features advanced ClearZone™ Anti-fog coatings, along with two different-sized lens and nosepiece options, allowing for customizable modular fit. Users can choose between a standard lens and nosepiece or NARO lens and NARO nosepiece, tailoring the CrossBlade™ to fit the end user’s facial structure for both performance and comfort. The CrossBlade’s Tri-Tech Fit™ frame delivers a snug fit without any pressure points. Advanced ClearZone™ Dual Flow Coated lenses eliminate fog


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