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REDESIGNING A LEGEND The New Claymore Is Better, Stronger, and Faster

Somewhere on a hill in Oregon City, Oregon, in a dimly lit product war room, Benchmade engineers and designers huddled around a Benchmade Infidel and asked, “how can we possibly improve on the world’s most iconic out-the- front automatic knife?” Suddenly, the lab door burst open and in walked Vance Colver, Director of Product Line Management. He paused for a moment in deep thought and proclaimed in a low, but authoritarian voice, “Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology! We have the capability to make the world’s best out-the- front automatic knife. The Benchmade Clamore will be that knife. Better than it was before!” “BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER!” The mission was clear, and the Benchmade team went to work. Specific design goals were to create lighter weight knives without compromising form, fit, function or effectiveness — all at a significantly lower price. The Benchmade Claymore OTF was formally introduced at SHOT Show 2024. This new family of products ushers in a new generation of defense/utility tools that successfully balance the charter of reducing weight with advancements in ergonomics, performance, strength, and value. The resulting new platform of products enhances readiness by enabling law enforcement officers to maximize maneuverability, survivability, and general ability to serve and protect. The Claymore OTF optimizes the number of components while simultaneously achieving reductions in weight with improvements in functionality, impact strength, and break resistance. The Claymore OTF utilizes textured Grivory handle scales, a proven, high-performance polymer material that is an excellent lightweight replacement for aluminum. The Claymore weighs in 39% less than legacy aluminum products. Meanwhile, the handle material has excellent stiffness and strength properties along with good resistance to chemicals, low absorption of moisture and good dimensional stability and minimal warpage. The Claymore name was inspired by the powerful directional mine and is a clever nod to the knife’s explosive opening mechanism. The Claymore’s deployment speed is 14% faster than older models, improving LEO’s ability to engage quickly and maintain overmatch against tasks and adversaries. In addition to the super-fast deployment, the Claymore family is stronger, tougher, and more durable. The blade lock is 14% stronger than legacy products. And mean cycles before failure of the Claymore OTF mechanism is 60% longer than predecessors.

Coordinating with a wide variety of gear, uniforms and environments, the Claymore OTF and Mini Claymore OTF are both available in multiple colors and blade options. Handle scales are available in black or ranger green. The ranger green colorway is a coyote color with a hint of green which compliments many LE uniforms. The Claymore OTF comes with the traditional dagger blade shape. This double-edge blade shape is an excellent tool for poking, stabbing, and thrusting motions. The chisel grind sharpening yields razor sharp plain edges which are particularly excellent for the side-to-side slicing motions that come natural with the side-mounted ambidextrous thumb slide. An alternative model comes with a more utilitarian blade style with partial serrations. The serrations are strategically positioned at the base of both sides. The

toothed or saw-like edges are excellent for sawing thru rope, fabrics, flex cuffs, or stubborn foliage that requires tearing and ripping as part of the cutting process. These variations empower the peace officer to remain dominant throughout the full

spectrum of operational activities. The Claymore OTF

incorporates deliberate upgrades which lighten the load on the operator while improving durability, deployment speed, and providing more functionality than ever before. The value proposition is enhanced by its more affordable price point. The MSRP of the Claymore OTF is $400, an impressive 28% lower than the Infidel. Yet it is also covered by Benchmade’s unrivaled Limited Lifetime Warranty. All Benchmade knives are eligible for The Benchmade LifeSharp service which guarantees that Benchmade will inspect, clean, oil and make mechanical adjustments, including resharpening to a factory edge at no charge. There are many great knives out there, but Benchmade’s new Claymore OTF will surely forge it̕ s place in history as a new LEGEND.


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