Broker Expo 2020 Spex Pack

WHAT OUR EXHIBITORS CAN EXPECT FROM BROKER EXPO Last year we surveyed our attendees to glean insights in to how they spend their time with us at Broker Expo. Our attendees want to procure products and services. That’s why we have companies coming back to exhibit year after year. We put the right audience in front of you.

On average, our attendees met with 11 exhibitors while at Broker Expo 2019.

13% 7% 22% 32% 18%

20+ exhibitors 16-20 exhibitors 11-15 exhibitors 7-10 exhibitors 4-6 exhibitors 0-3 exhibitors

78% met new providers they wouldn’t have otherwise met.

21% are considering purchasing solutions/placing orders they wouldn’t have otherwise considered.


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