Broker Expo 2020 Spex Pack

WHY SPEND YOUR BUDGET ON LIVE EVENTS? Events are a great investment as they attract professionals with purchasing power, who spend more, talk more and recommend. *Research conducted by Cog Research on behalf of FaceTime

28% of visitors who encountered exhibitors at live events think that the brand/ product/service is 28%more innovative than they did before they attended.

69% of visitors surveyed two weeks after attending live events said they had already recommended or would be recommending brands they had seen at the event. +21% Perception of the quality and value of your brand,

-5% The perception of a brand that is not represented at an event deteriorates by 5%. This is true even for extremely well-known global brands.

+100% Before an event, 37% of people thought they would make new contacts and 38% through attending the event would make buying easier. This doubled to 75% and 76% respectively following the event.

76% of visitors at B2B and B2C exhibitions make new purchasing decisions and have existing ones reinforced.

5.5 HRS The average visitor spends 5.5 hours at a live event. This equates to watching or listening to 660 broadcast adverts.

product or service is improved by 21% after visitors experience you at a show.

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