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Hello, everyone!

The pizza, wine, pasta, gelato, even the cookies. Everywhere we went, we wanted to sample everything on the menu. Joe and I even got to take a cooking class and learn how to make pasta and tiramisu from scratch. I went to Italy with two goals in mind: Ride the gondolas in Venice and explore Tuscany. I’m happy to report we were able to do both. In fact, we even got to ride the gondolas twice, once at night with a musician serenading us. That was honestly amazing. Seeing the lights of the city reflecting off the water was gorgeous. There are stunning buildings on either side of the grand canal; you won’t see anything like it anywhere else in the world. That said, the thing about Venice is the streets aren’t built for any automatic vehicles, so we did a lot of walking during our stay. We went to so many amazing places in Italy — everywhere you turn there’s amazing architecture. But Tuscany was one of my favorites. I love wine, so I was really excited to visit the vineyards. Joe and I toured a vineyard that has been owned by the same family for generations. The villa sat at the top of the hill, overlooking rows and rows of grapes. It was breathtaking. During the tour, we went down to the private section that held wine reserved for the family. I fell completely in love with Tuscany. There’s so much to share about this trip, we might have to have a part two! Keep an eye out for next month if you want to hear about our experience at the Vatican. It gave me chills.

This is Wilma Sams, director of operations here at Monast Law Office. Jim asked me to step in this month and share some stories about my adventures in Italy with my husband. Joe and I spent a year planning this trip. It’s been on our bucket list for quite some time. Joe is Italian, and his family

came to the United States from Sicily. He’s been dreaming about going back and seeing his roots almost all his life. Last year, we decided that if we were ever going to make the trip, we needed to do it now before we’re both too old to walk around!

We booked our trip through Rick Steves’Tours, which made everything so much easier. Everything was already planned out for us to go see the

sights and spend a couple of weeks

eating. It’s true what they say

about the food in Italy: Everything was delicious! Oh my gosh, I couldn’t get enough of it.

Until next time, ciao !

–Wilma Sams “I went to Italy with two goals in mind: ride the gondolas in Venice and explore Tuscany.”

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