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Bass Tennessee Cheatham

A Clean County is a Beautiful County!

A Litter awareness project created

entirely by Cheatham County Students.

In support of the Tennessee Department of

Transportation (T.D.O.T.) Stop Litter program,

the Tennessee State Sport fish, the Smallmouth Bass,

has been chosen as the third art creation to

be made entirely of found litter in the county.

Litter is a huge problem for Tennessee costing the state over $11 million dollars annually. The Keenan Group, Inc. and the Cheatham County Mayor’s office litter grant for education by T.D.O.T., and local Business sponsors are proud to announce this 2017-2018 school year-long project: Bass Tennessee Cheatham

2016 First Place Winner- Ashland City Elementary raising over $3,500.00 at the Auction!

2014 First Place Winner- Pegram Elementary raising over $2,200 at the Auction!

As Featured in Let’s Talk Trash-News! May 2016 issue


Let’s Talk Trash!

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Auction Raises over $3,500!

One of the best celebrations we could have on gorgeous sunny spring Earth Day would “BEE PASSIONATE TENNESSEE CHEATHAM about Anti-litter!” The 2nd Museum of Litter &Auction took place Friday,April 22nd at the Cheatham County Courthouse lawn. From simple wooden structures transformed into glistening and colorful art masterpieces, all of our schools presented the best of their creativity! In 2014, the first Museum of Litter auction raised $2,200. Not to be outdone by the first, the 2016 Museum of Litter and auction, presided again by Stephen Carr,Auctioneer, raised a larger sum of $3,506.00! Best of Show and Most Colorful awards went toAshland City

Elementary, raising the largest bid of $1,000.00! On the following pages are all the entries and Honorable Mention award winners. Best use of Litter: SycamoreAcademy. Most Creative: West Cheatham Elementary. Most Beautiful: Pleasant View Elementary. Technical Excellence: Sycamore Tech Ed Department.

All proceeds are being distributed to all schools. One half of the proceeds go to the Sycamore High School Technical Education department for building these structures and the other half is distributed to each school according to the actual bid amounts. During the School year 2017-2018, a third Museum of LitterArt project will be presented. This 3rd art project will be related to one of Tennessee’s wildlife to be announced at a later date.


The Ashland City Times

Sponsored in part by the T.D.O.T. Litter Grant and the office of The Cheatham County Mayor

To create a public awareness of specific issues of concern.

Let’s Talk Trash! news

Bass Tennessee Cheatham

This is the third bi-annual Cheatham County school project to help bring awareness of the consequences litter has on our community, environment and financial resources. S ycamore high school technical education class, directed by teacher, John Staggs, will create the sculpture bases of the Bass Tennessee Cheatham . One will be provided to each elementary, middle, high school as well as the Cheatham County Library for homeschoolers. The mission is for all the students, parents and teachers to get involved in decorating their school’s Bass Tennessee Cheatham sculpture using only found litter within the community. The sky is the limit as to what they can create. The mission is to gather “ugly and costly” litter using it to create beautiful Bass Tennessee Cheatham sculptures. The sculpture bases will be completed by December and delivered to each participating school in the county to decorate and create their masterpiece. These decorated pieces of art will be completed by March 31st and delivered to our Third “Museum of Litter” at the Cheatham County Courthouse for an outside exhibition and Live Auction celebrationg Earth Day, April 24, 2018. The Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce will be helping to gather business involvement to participate in a public auction where each sculpture will be auctioned and the money raised will be donated to each school for their entry. Both the builder of the sculpture and the school

Sponsored inpartby theTDOTLitterGrant &TheCheathamCountyMayor’sOffice •SEPT/OCT2016 Let’sTalk Trash!

Back to School!

WHEREdidthe “ZIKA”VIRUS ComeFrom?



Makea“Green” bookcoverwith BrownPaper... Back by Popular Demand!

Thank You to all of our Sponsors!



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Sponsored inpartby theTDOTLitterGrant &TheCheathamCountyMayor’sOffice • MARCH/APRIL 2017 Let’sTalk Trash! ©2017 The Keenan Group, Inc the great pacific GARBAGE PATCH...

The icebergs are reforming.

fact or fiction?


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Thank You to all of our Business Sponsors!

The Ashland City Times c: (615)982-2998 w: (615)227-2275 f: (615)746-5211 ProjectManager AARONWOLFE

EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT: Beginning September 2017, a 24 page educational publication will be distributed every other month to k-8 grade students including publc and private schools within the entire county. Fun activities and information relates to litter, the environment, as well as character building skills through interesting stores, fun puzzles, and activities. Kids also receive litter bags and may also include other school related supplies.

who decorated the sculpture will share equally in the proceeds. Not only is it a school year-long litter awareness project, it is also a fundraising effort to enhance the art departments of each participating school, or however each chooses to allocate their funds. To date the two “Museum of Litter” public auctions raised over $5,700.00!

Before there was the smallmouth bass, there was the largemouth bass. Yes, on July 1, 1988, the largemouth bass was adopted as the official state sport fish of the State of Tennessee. It was the fifth state to claim the largemouth bass as its official representative.

Tennessee State Sport Fish Smallmouth Bass

A large fish, a strong fighter, with good flavor, the largemouth was beloved in the state. The largemouth bass was, and is, also the official fish the following states:

• Alabama (1955) • Georgia (1970) • Mississippi (1974) •Florida (1975)

By 2003, change was in the air...

In late 2003, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) created a Tennessee Smallmouth Bass Management Plan “to identify the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA)’s goals, objectives, and strategies for the management of smallmouth bass and its fisheries in the state of Tennessee.” On February 3, 2005, State Senator Doug Jackson introduced Senate Bill No. 1507 (SB1507) to the Tennessee State Senate. SB1507 proposed that the largemouth bass be replaced by the smallmouth bass as Tennessee’s official state sport fish. Bill sponsor Sen. Doug Jackson (D-Dickson) said the bill came at the urging of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA). It was proposed because the world’s largest and second largest smallmouth bass were caught in Tennessee. While a smallmouth bass can easily weigh 3 to 4 pounds, the state and world record is a whopping 11 pounds, 15 ounces. It was caught at the Dale Hollow Reservoir in 1955. World records make news and so it was that the smallmouth bass bumped the largemouth bass from the Tennessee sport fish throne, ending a 17 year reign. The smallmouth bass became the official state sport fish when Governor Phil Bredesen signed SB1507 on May 28, 2005.

The smallmouth bass is a species of freshwater fish in the sunfish family of the order Perciformes. It is the type species of its genus.

Scientific name:

Micropterus dolomieu Rank: Species Higher classification: Micropterus Found in: Dale Hollow, Pickwick and South Holston lakes Did you know: Smallmouth bass are taken for the table, with filets of white, firm flesh when cooked. source;

Sponsored in part by the T.D.O.T. Litter Grant and the office of The Cheatham County Mayor

This little but strong fighter, the Smallmouth Bass, shows us to never let the situation win over us. No matter how difficult or impossible a task looks, you should never give up! The same goes for Stopping Littering in our environment. FIGHT FOR CLEAN!

Native to North America, the Smallmouth Bass is popular game fish sought after by many anglers. Known for the fight it gives when getting reeled in, it is considered one of the sportiest freshwater fish. Smallmouth bass are a part of the sunfish family. A smallmouth bass has an elongated body and is brownish-green in color fading to a yellow- white underside. Its sides are covered with dark brown vertical lines while its head has dark brown horizontal streaks. The dorsal fin appears to be divided in two, with nine spines on the front part. The jaw of a smallmouth bass extends to line up with the middle of the eye. The eyes of this type of bass are usually red. Male and female bass look almost completely identical, with size being the differing factor to observe. Female bass are larger than male bass the same age and females tend to live longer than males. Bass grow continually; the larger the fish, the older it usually is. The average adult size of a smallmouth is 15-20 inches. Spawning occurs in the early spring, when water temperature begins to rise above 60 degrees. During this time, the male will build a nest in shallow water above a gravel or rock bottom. The female will then drop her eggs and the male will fertilize them. Between 5,000 and 14,000 eggs will be dropped from the mother. After her eggs are all dropped, she returns to deeper water. After about a week, the eggs hatch and the male bass cares for them. Together, they will form a school called a “brood swarm,” and stay in it for a month. The majority of the newly hatched bass, also known as “fry,” die within this period. The average lifespan of a bass that survives the first month is 10 to 12 years.

Fun BASS Facts The smallmouth bass is found in clearer water than the largemouth, especially streams, rivers, and the rocky areas and stumps and also sandy bottoms of lakes and reservoirs. Lakeside smallmouth bass, however, that live in sandy areas, tend to be a light yellow-brown to adapt to the environment in a defensive state and are more oval-shaped. They have been seen eating tadpoles, fish, aquatic insects, crayfish, frogs, small mice and birds, and even French fries. • Extremely young largemouth bass under 2 inches are known as “fry” and feed primarily on microcrustaceans and insect larvae. • A bass’ average lifespan is about 10-12 years. • Female smallmouth bass are usually larger than male smallmouth bass of the same age. • Bass reach maturity at the age of three or four. • The smallmouth bass has a number of aliases: smallie, red eye, green trout, brown bass, bronzeback, and bareback bass. • Smallmouth bass break the surface of the water and become airborne when hooked, oftentimes even performing flips, in an effort to break free. • The lines on the sides of a smallmouth bass fade with age. • Smallmouth bass do better in the wild than in captivity. • Smallmouth bass grow larger in lakes than in streams. • The world record bass was caught on July 9, 1955 and weighed 11 pounds 15 ounces and measured 27 inches in length. • Bass never stop growing; the larger the fish the older it usually is. • The natural predator list for a bass is larger bass, northern pike, and musky. Source:

The Keenan Group, Inc, The Cheatham County Department of Education, and the Cheatham County Mayor’s office will have the final approval of all artwork

Among the standards are:

Bass Tennessee Cheatham is not just another “fishy” project Recognizing the value of educational possibilities with this art project, The Keenan Group, Inc, through a County grant from T.D.O.T. to support the state-wide Stop Litter program, brings a continuing awareness of the negative impact litter has on our environment: community, agriculture and animals. In addition to litter awareness, the Keenan Group, Inc. in support of the arts in our schools, continues to design and develop this school-wide art project to raise funds for much needed materials within each school with the support of The Cheatham County Chamber and local businesses. Every other month beginning in September, Litter will be discussed and interactive activities for all kids will be presented to get involved. Cheatham County schools are blessed with an abundance of talented amateur artists! The art that will be represented at our Second Museum of Litter in celebration of Earth Day on Tuesday, April 24, 2018 and will be the result of hundreds of hours of work by students, teachers and parents. • Each piece of art must be safe for the public to interact with • Each must be durable for handling by the public • Design standards do not allow any direct product advertising, inappropriate verbiage or images • Each must be able to withstand light rain

The smallmouth bass benefits from a wide variety of morphological adaptations that contribute greatly to its success and survival as a predatory fish species. Covering the body externally is a protective layer of semi-overlapping scales, which are waterproof and lathered in a thick film of mucus. These mucous, calcified plates provide the fish with a physical barrier for resistance against potential infections and diseases, while also reducing drag during swimming. The smallmouth’s ctenoid scales exhibit a rough morphology, bearing tooth-like margins and circuli (growth rings) that can be counted to approximate the smallmouth’s age. The coloration of a smallmouth’s scales holds important meaning as well. Its body typically exhibits a variable mixture of golden-brown, bronze, and olive-green hues, designed to allow the fish to blend in to its surroundings quite well, which often include sand, gravel, and rocky substrates. SOURCE: dust/adaptation.htm

Sponsored in part by the T.D.O.T. Litter Grant and the office of The Cheatham County Mayor

2017-2018 - 51”h x 4’ w Template to decorate

This became this!

Second Project Year: 2015-2016

Bass Tennessee Cheatham

The sculpture will be constructed out of wood and wood- like materials and will measure 4 feet wide by 51” tall. On this base sculpture, found litter items will be attached in any form or fashion to beautify and colorize. They can be painted or whatever else is desired to make a beautiful piece of art. It will be important to note that these sculptures will be displayed outdoors, so it must be reasonably weather resistant. This can be accomplished by using shellac, or other items that can withstand light rain. Create a mosaic of color! Just because trash is ugly, you can transform its use into a beautiful masterpiece!

Bass Tennessee Cheatham Countywide Anti-Litter Project!

Premier Business Sponsors

Page Business Sponsors c: (615) 982-2998 w: (615) 227-2275 f: (615) 746-5211 Project Manager AARON WOLFE

Media Sponsors

The Ashland City Times

The Keenan Group, Inc. 615-746-2443 • P.O. Box 458 • Pleasant View, Tennessee 37146 Logo, Design & Printing courtesy of Debbie Keenan The Keenan Group, Inc.

Sponsored in part by the T.D.O.T. Litter Grant and the office of The Cheatham County Mayor

12 Let’s Talk Trash! MAY/JUNE 2018

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Bass Tennessee Cheatham

Museum of Litter brings in over $2,100.00 - totaling over $7,800.00 raised for our schools in three Museum of Litter Projects! After 2 postponments due to Tennessee rainy weather, the Museum of Litter that was originally planned for April 24th, was ultimately held May 1st - a beautiful sunny afternoon at the Cheatham County Courthouse lawn. Many came out for this event including State Representative Mary Littleton and LaVerne ‘U-Turn’ Laverne, a 6th district Congressional candidate. Mayor Kerry McCarver hosted the event and presented awards to the Most Beautiful, Most Creative, Best Use of Litter, Most Colorful, and Best of Show. In addition, all participants received a Certificate of Honorable Mention. Professional Auctioneer, Stephen Carr created a fun auction and drove the bids up with is creativity and humor - a definite crowd pleaser! Many thanks to Community Bank and Trust for handling the bidding process!

Most Creative & BEST OF SHOW went to West Cheatham Elementary

Mayor McCarver and Debbie Keenan with Cheatham Middle’s entry.

100% of the money raised went directly to our participationg schools and organizations! All structures were built by Sycamore High School Tech Ed department and will receive 50% of the money raised from each structure. 50% will be paid to each school according to the final bid amounts. Photo Credits: Tim Adkins and The Post

State Rep, Mary Littleton, Dr. Cathy Beck, and Debbie Small of Community Bank and Trust enjoying the beautiful sunny afternoon.


Most Colorful- Ashland City Elem Most Beautiful - CCC High School

Best Use of Litter - Sycamore Adacemy


Phyllis & Sloane Hunter

Diner c: (615)982-2998 w: (615)227-2275 f: (615)746-5211 ProjectManager AARONWOLFE

The Ashland City Times the EXCHANGE

Let’s Talk Trash! MAY/JUNE 2018


©2018 The Keenan Group, Inc

16 Beautiful Entries generated over 2,000 votes! congratulations!

Cd’s soda cans cardboard styrofoam plastic grocery bags

Drink cans plastic bottle caps metal bottle caps can pop tops



#1 Kingston Springs Elem

#9 Pleasant View Elem

Broken tile styrofoam bowl

Styrofoam tin foil drink bags champaign topper, fabric candy wrappers



Added to the auction was a beautiful original framed painting by Beth Batson that sold for $200 benefitting the art department of CCC High School Art Department! Learn more about Beth Batson who is featured in this issue of Let’s Talk Trash news on page 14. We are proud to present this original painting on our front cover!

#10 Sycamore High

#2 UT 4H Club

Cd’s can pop tops plastic bottle caps



Styrofoam can pop tops plastic

#3 W Cheat Elem

#11 East Cheatham

Snack bags drink boxes Kid’s drink bottle caps plastic bags



Plastic Spoons handles tin foil “cherio”

Sheriff Mike Breedlove and Mayor McCarver with CCC High School entry.

#4 Cheat Middle

#12 Sycamore Academy

Recycled building materials plastic containers

Bottle tops swim noodle pieces packing paper


trash bags packaging materials aluminum foil


#5 Harpeth High

Let’s Talk Trash news &The Keenan Group, Inc. has now completed 3 bi annual Museum of Litter projects raising over a combined total of $7,800!

#13 Cheatham High

Paper plastic garbage bag CD’s bubble wrap straws

Bubble wrap Straws Plastic bags can pop tops paint brushes



2014 - the state’s cultured flower: “Iris Tennessee Cheatham”

tissue paper old material

#6 Sycamore Middle

#14 Library

2016 - the state’s agricultural insect & wild flower: “Bee Passionate Tennessee Cheatham”

Canning jar lids Cd’s

Egg carton pieces “trash” fishing netting


Aluminum Old Jeans


#7 Ashland City Elem

2018 - the state’s sporting fish: “Bass Tennesse Cheatham” In 2020 the series will START OVER!

#15 Pegram Elem

Cans reverse cans for silver look plastic milk carton key board keys drink can pop tops

Trash Cd’s straws left over deluxe!



#8 PV Christian School

#16 Harpeth Middle


Phyllis & Sloane Hunter

Diner c: (615)982-2998 w: (615)227-2275 f: (615)746-5211 ProjectManager AARONWOLFE

The Ashland City Times the EXCHANGE

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