2MM Knockout installation

2MM Knockout™ Luxury Vinyl Plank


Subfloor Requirements:

 Subfloors must be inspected prior to installation. Subfloor must be structurally sound, dust free, dirt free and oil free. Subfloor must be clean and dry and free of any contaminant that would prohibit bonding.  Concrete floors with a pH of 9 or greater will not be acceptable for installation. Prior to installation subfloor must brought to a neutral pH level.  Concrete on or above grade must be free of moisture or high alkalinity. A protective moisture barrier should be installed at time of construction.  Concrete slab shall have cured for a period not less than 90 days before conducting moisture tests immediately prior to flooring installation. Local conditions may lengthen the time periods for adequate testing.  Installing planks over gypcrete requires being sealed using a seal supplied by the manufacturer of gypcrete or approved latex sealer.  Wood subfloors must have a minimum of 18” of ventilated space below. The ground under a crawl space must covered by a vapor barrier of at least 1.25MM polyethylene. Wood subfloor must double construction or equivalent, with a minimum thickness of 1” (APA Underlayment Grade Plywood) no voids, and a fully sanded face.  If installing over one layer of “non-cushioned” floor covering, it should be appropriately adhered to the subfloor or remove prior to installation. High quality embossing leveler is required to fill in the surface defects of the existing floor. Failure to do so will result in an unacceptable installation and void all warranties.  Knockout flooring can be installed over radiant heat if the following guidelines are followed. Completed system must be operational for a minimum of one week. System should be turned off for 72 hours prior to installation of knockout flooring and remain off for 72 hours after installation is complete. Turn system back on to its normal room temperature setting. The subfloor surface must never exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the life of the floor. Flooring and adhesive should never come in direct contact with the heating system. All other standard installations instructions apply. All areas of installation must have working air conditioning and heating systems at least 1 week prior to installation. Conditions should be the same as in normal use (65-85◦) with relative humidity no greater than 65%. Adhesive, flooring and substrate must be acclimated to the above conditions for a period not less than 48 hours. It is the installer’s responsibility to perform all moisture tests on all surfaces to determine if the surface is dry enough to install the flooring. Moisture test should be in accordance with ASTM F 1869-98 (Calcium Chloride Moisture test). Moisture levels should not exceed 5lbs per 1000 sf’ per 24 hour period. Use of ASTM F 2170-2 (Standard Test Method for Determining Relative ACCLIMATION:

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