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I remember a particularly touching moment I shared with my daughter a couple of years ago that taught me an important lesson about the value of perspective. When she was 4 years old, my daughter loved dandelions. She loved seeing those little yellow weeds poke up through the grass because she knew that soon, they would turn white, which meant she could pick them and blow the seedlings into the breeze as she made wishes. For those of us who spend hours perfecting our lawns, dandelions tend to symbolize annoyance rather than joy. But one day, we were driving past a nearby neighborhood where many lawns were covered with dandelions. While most adults would have assumed those yards were neglected and felt sorry for the people that couldn’t rid themselves of those weeds, my daughter saw things differently. She looked out the window of our car and exclaimed, “Wow, those people are so lucky! Look how many wishes they get!” Her untainted love for dandelions taught me a valuable lesson about perspective and how the simple things in life can sometimes be the most beautiful. While I always try to keep this lesson in mind, I was reminded of it last month during the celebration of my son’s third birthday. My wife and I had asked him multiple times

what he wanted for his birthday, and every time, he said, “a blue triangle cake.” When we asked him what a blue triangle cake was, he explained, “It has wings and fire and flies around the house!” With that description, we were sure he wanted a rocket ship cake, but when we pitched him that idea, he was adamant that what he wanted was a blue triangle cake and nothing else.

culinary contraption all around the house, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him happier. Plus, apparently, it was exactly what he had pictured in his mind because when we asked him if it tasted good, he responded, “Yeah, it tastes just like blue triangle cake.” Sometimes it’s necessary to find a way to look at the world through a child’s eyes. Ads on social media or TV often remind us of all the things that we don’t have and can make us feel like we need a wealth of material possessions, vacations, or experiences to be happy. In reality, it’s often the simple things, like taking a walk in the fresh air, spending time with a good friend you don’t see often, finding a dandelion, or sampling a blue triangle cake, that make all the difference.

Armed with that information, we baked a cake, cut it into a triangle, and covered it with blue frosting. We then took construction paper, cut out wings, glued the wings to Popsicle sticks, and stuck those into the sides of the cake. We also punched little holes in the paper wings so we could loop string through them, which allowed us to flap the wings. Then, on his birthday, we “flew” this “Her untainted love for dandelions taught me a valuable lesson about perspective and how the simple things in life can sometimes be the most beautiful.”

– Dr. Brooks

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