Case Barnett Law - B2C - February 2019




Katie McConnell, Litigation Paralegal One of the things I really love about Katie is that she’s a self-starter. You can always count on her to get the job done. She’s very smart and knows how to figure out any problem that comes her way. With her support, we’re able to keep our clients happy.

There are a lot of things you have to worry about when you run your own practice. They don’t exactly teach you how to be a business owner in law school. Fortunately, the one thing I don’t have to worry about is whether or not my clients are getting taken care of; my office is home to the best team in the business. I’ve talked about how much I love my staff in the past, but this month, I want to shine the spotlight on each of them. They deserve the recognition, because they all bring something crucial that helps us better care for our clients.

Alejandra Elizalde, Client Care Specialist Even attorneys that come highly recommended start out as strangers. It’s not uncommon for new clients to be nervous when they first walk into the office. This is why I love the fact that we have Alejandra here to take care of them. She gives each client the attention they need to teach them what our firm is all about and help them feel less nervous about their situation.

Josiah Bournes, Trial Attorney Before joining our firm, Josiah worked as a federal

prosecutor and a public defender. I love Josiah’s passion for the law and his bravery in throwing himself into a new area after 10 years. It takes a lot of guts to make such a big career change. With his experience in prosecuting bad guys, I’m glad we have him on our team to prosecute bad insurance companies.

Nicole Barnett, Director of Operations If you have read even just one previous edition of this newsletter, you’ll know I have gone on and on about what I love about Nicole. She’s the straw that stirs the drink of my life. In relation to the firm, the fact that Nicole cares so deeply is the reason our clients are able to get the

Jessica Johnston, Trial Attorney I love Jessica’s willingness to punch someone in the nose when necessary — but to do it in the sweetest way possible. Jessica is one of the happiest, smiley people I have ever met, but you don’t cross her. She’s always going to stand up for her clients and herself. For example, when

best service. Nicole has worked hard to put a system in place that ensures all clients are treated equally. It’s not about case value; if you’re our client, you’re going to get love.

male attorneys try to mansplain things to her, she doesn’t hesitate to call them out, even in the middle of a deposition. It’s awesome, and they don’t know how to react.

I am grateful to come into the office each day and see people I love working with. It’s not easy to find like-minded people who share your values. But

when you put in the time to find the right people — the kind of people who want to work hard, who believe in the process, and who have the same moral compass — then it makes a huge difference.

Chi Darling, Trial Attorney Like Nicole, Chi is a Virgo, which is a zodiac I need in my life. I love Chi’s attention to detail and her incredible organization. She always knows exactly what’s going on in her cases and where she needs to focus the most attention both in her work and when fighting for our clients.

–Case Barnett

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