Bison Trail - Jan. & Feb. 2018


Jan. & Feb. 2018

Pursuit of Sustainable Excellence by Kaylee Hollins, Fuel Analyst

In October, Bison accepted its second consecutive SmartWay Excellence Award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In this category we are benchmarked to some of the most fuel-efficient Canadian and American carriers and shippers. This is a significant accomplishment, especially through our Canadian winters, and it is something that our customers notice and value.

In addition, we are currently testing several fuel-saving devices such as FlowBelow tire covers on 286 trucks, solar panels and batteries on nine trucks and 10 trailers (increasing to 185 this year), and Halo tire inflators on 10 trucks. We continue to search for upcoming technologies and devices to remain ahead of the curve as an industry leader in fuel efficiency. Driver Habits: Equipment and technologies have a significant impact on fuel mileage, but fuel efficiency starts with our Drivers. Driving habits are still the single largest factor that impacts fuel economy. Fuel efficiency has become a topic of daily conversation between Fleet Managers and their Drivers.’ It is something that Drivers are always conscious of. Tips from Drivers: Great progress has been made in fuel reduction but we know there is still room for improvement. Here are some proven tips...  Turn off your truck: If you will be stopped for more than two minutes, turn off the truck.  Use your auxiliary heaters and air conditioners: These auxiliary devices are meant only to maintain the set temperature, not increase or reduce it. acceleration, even when trying to reach highway speed. Also, watch for traffic and for stale traffic lights to avoid unnecessary braking.  Use your cruise control in ideal conditions only: Cruise control is a great way to maintain a steady fuel burn. ;  Easy on the accelerator: Always avoid hard

Above all else, SmartWay emphasizes the environmental impact of transportation. With Sustainability as one of our core values, we are always striving to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace our responsibility to the environment. Bison has a continuous focus on fuel reduction. This is supported by many areas of our business (Maintenance, Drivers, Fleet Managers, etc.) and our recent fuel performance is a result of several contributing factors. Equipment: Bison remains at the forefront of new technologies and tools available for tractors and trailers. One of these focuses has been on aerodynamics and reducing drag. In 2015, we started testing trailer tails and to date have 552 trailers with tails. In addition, nearly all trailers in our fleet are fitted with side skirts. Possibly the simplest, and most difficult way to reduce fuel burn is idling. All of our full bunk trucks are equipped with anti-idling devices such as Opti-Idle or APUs. Our Drivers use these tools as much as possible and promptly report any performance issues to Maintenance.

Bison Transport 10-Time Grand-Prize Winner of the TCA National Fleet Safety Award and 7-Time Winner of the ATA Safe Fleet Award. 10

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