FY20 Mid-Year Review

High Energy



Change Agent

Team Player

Inspirational/Strategic Thinker


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FY 2020 Mid-Year in Review Cleveland Ferguson III, SVP/CAO

April 29, 2020

Critical Thinker

MISSION To improve Northeast Florida's economy, environment and quality of life by providing safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable multimodal transportation services and facilities


JTA exists to serve its customers and community. We are a strategic, market- driven, innovative and results-focused organization and we succeed as a team through: • professional excellence • accountability for our work • a safe work environment • transparency to the public • continuous improvement we treat our customers and colleagues with dignity and respect. • personal integrity • fiscal responsibility


Universal access to dynamic transportation solutions



GOOD COMMUNICATOR: communicates complex information in a clear and concise manner.

ACCOUNTABLE: takes ownership; accepts responsibility and shares credit.

CUSTOMER FOCUSED: begins and ends with both the internal and external customer in mind.

CHANGE AGENT: an innovative person who challenges the status quo; adaptive and flexible; views change with a positive attitude and facilitates change with others; persuades and influences others to accept change. CRITICAL THINKER: able to understand, synthesize and evaluate information; considers the long-term impacts; examines all perspectives and alternatives, and understands the consequences of decisions. HIGH ENERGY: driven; goal oriented; willing to go above and beyond; determined; persistent and has the ability to successfully manage multiple priorities.

COURAGEOUS: bold and willing to step out of their comfort zone; accepts extraordinary challenges; willing to speak up and challenge groupthink; doesn't second- guess. INNOVATIVE: ability to generate and implement new ideas for the betterment of the authority and our customers. STRATEGIC THINKER: ability to see the big picture; visionary who anticipates in a relationship; decisive; good listener with the ability to understand context; builds trust and influence. 3

ENGAGED: an active listener who is attentive, interactive, responsive, committed, and "all in."

TEAM PLAYER: shares and supports in advancing the Authority’s priorities.

INSPIRATIONAL: energized and positive person who creates a sense of purpose while driving the vision.

Approach to Role

1 Based on the CEO’s blueprint for success, how can I immediately add measurable value to him, his leadership team and the employees?

How can I improve the depth and quality of employee output (ELT, Directors and Managers)?

Because of the transition in administrative leaders, commissions, legislators, and policy makers, because of my intimate understanding of (a) the dynamics of the local legislative process, (b) local governmental bodies (c) and my deep relationships with the staff of the various state and regional administrations and (d) because of my experience with various stakeholder groups including the business community, how can I leverage my unimpeachable reputation and access to assist the ELT in mitigating governmental relations, legal, regulatory, communications and public affairs risks?

How can I leverage regional, state and local relationships to realize Mr. Ford’s direction and goals toward an unparalleled regional transportation network?


3 Each employee should have a vested interest in making his/her supervisor successful. How does this value continue as cultural norm that motivates the team in the context of constant transition in the workforce? How can I motivate the team to strengthen their resilience through matching data, productivity and the 12 leadership characteristics?

How can I use BI modeling and performance management to further increase organizational efficiency and recognition?


TOD Developers' Workshop JTA Organizational Realignment

Oct 5 - Jan 27

Oct 8 - Oct 9

Examples of Cross-Functional Tasks Wherein I Exhibited a Superior Command of the 12 Leadership Characteristics

Oct 24 - Oct 25 JTA Board of Directors Retreat

Ridership Campaign Focus Groups

Oct 30 - Nov 13

IAM&AW Negotiations CSR

Nov 5 - Nov 14

TOD Planning Grant - U2C Integration Oct 2

Father's House Litigation Bench Trial

Jan 27 - Jan 30


Jan 31 - Feb 3

City Council and the JTA Internal Processes Meetings

Feb 7 - Mar 11

U2C Industry Forum IMT for COVID-19

Feb 18 - Feb 19

Director Buckland Orientation Oct 18 JRTC Experiential Graphics @ The Ritz Oct 23

Mar 13 - Jun 1

Examples of Significant Milestones and Engagement Activities That Shaped the Trajectory of our Program Areas Through Mid-Year

BSIC -Unsolicited Proposal Jan 6 Director Padgett Orientation Jan 7

NAIOP Speaker Nov 13 JaxBar and the U2C Nov 20

Real Men Wear Pink Event Oct 10

Realignment of Administration and Engagement Division Jan 24 Project Ice Negotiations Begin Jan 30

Nassau County Transit Relations Dec 6 Father's House Mediation Dec 9

CEO Priorities External Circumstances Stakeholder Engagement Economic Development Activity

PTASP Certification Oct 12

Director Driver Orientation Oct 23

Air Rights Negotiations Begin Dec 18

BOMA Speaker Feb 18

TOD- Making Moves Nov 13

JTA Town Halls Dec 19

Leadership Florida @ JRTC Jan 22 Partner2Partner Forum Jan 22

Leadership Jax Alumni Tour Mar 10 Internal Coordination Actions Mar 11


Golfair Blvd. Negotiations Begin Dec 23












ELT Retreat

Apr 19 - Apr 22

APTA Mobility: Several JTA Presenters

May 19 - May 21

Fare Modification Outreach

Jun 12 - Jun 20

Public Affairs, Safety and Customer Service Operational Plan

Jun 22 - Jul 9

COMTO Presentations: Several JTA Presenters

Jul 13 - Jul 16

APTA TBM/TBA Seminar JTA Safety ERM Training

Jul 20 - Jul 24

Jul 30 - Jul 31

Fare Modification Public Hearings

Aug 13 - Aug 14

Hurricane Dorian IMT

Aug 31 - Sep 2

Pull Out Outreach

Sep 11 - Sep 12

Departmental Retreats and Retooling

Jun 24 - Sep 30

LaVilla Development Strategy Final Public Meeting Apr 25

Building on the Quarter Before by Being Accountable for Heavily Planning-based Quarters (noted by taskbars)

State Roadeo Winners Event May 1 ELT Follow Up Retreat May 6

Inman Dykman Mediation Feb 22

JTA COJ Tackle Food Deserts Apporach Mar 7

5th Annual State of the Authority TOD May 15 Skyway 30th Anniversary May 31

Hurricane Dorian Sep 1

COJ Lunch-n-Learm Mar 25 Girvin Road Ribbon-Cutting Mar 28

Hurricane Dorian Recognition Event Sep 9

City Council New Member Orientation Jun 7 Mayport Incident Jun 22

COJ U2C Lunch-n-Learn Sep 23 Ridership Outreach: Baptist Health South Sep 30

30th Anniversary Dames Point Bridge Mar 11

State Roadeo Apr 6

FCF Orange Line Kick Off Apr 24











Building on the Quarter Before by Being Accountable for Heavily Project-based Quarters (noted by flags)

Denver Chamber Trip: TOD Groundwork

Oct 10 - Oct 12


Oct 23 - Oct 24

APTA Industry Leadership Summit: Policy IQ TBAs

Oct 27 - Oct 30

Local Bus Roadeo

Jan 31 - Feb 1

Economic Development Summit: MARTA Dec 26

JRTC Steel Topping Out Ceremony Jan 10

Inman Dykman Settlement Conference Jan 16 Onboarding of VP of Automation Jan 22

Vision 2025 Launches - Organizational Development for Mid-Managers Oct 24

St. Johns River Ferry Re-Opening Oct 30

ABBG Conference @ JTA Jan 22

P2P Partner's Forum Nov 15 First Coast Business HOF Nov 16

Structural Changes to JTA Board Committees and Bylaws Jan 28

JTA Career Closet Unveiled Sep 13

USDOT Sec. Chao announces BUILD Grant Feb 8 Fare Modification Strategy Implementation Feb 15

Innovation Summit Collaboration Oct 4

FCF Red Line Launch Dec 3

City Council U2C Lunch and Learn Oct 18

NTI Transit Maintenance Seminar Dec 6 Nassau County Express Launch Dec 7

BUILD Grant Announcement Dec 11

It Begins Here: Enivronmental Graphics Program Aug 28

Florida Polytechnic U Agreement Oct 25

Avenues Park-n-Ride Ribbon Cutting Dec 20











Own all Managerial Failings as the accountable executive

Legal Affairs Department

Safety & Security Department

Audit & Compliance Department Realigned Audit, Risk, Records management and Compliance units Strengthened risk management department to get senior leadership to be more accountable for risks. Established ERM process Successful external audit system process Converted Auditor’s lack of transit experience into learning experience

Engagement Department

Diversity & Equity Department U.S. Small Business Administration Recognition Successful realignment of DBE goals Successful push of DBE goals on more than 2/3 of all procurements

Business Intelligence Department

With the appropriate strategies in place, JTA has won all of its administrative complaints, won all of the lawsuits that went to trial this year Settled the largest paratransit case threatening JTA with seven-figure exposure Negotiated AFSCME CBA Brought in legal experts to assist Finance with intractable issues Economic Development Function Successfully developed APTA, ULI, and Industry TOD peer reviews Successfully planned Jax Chamber, 5 th Annual SOTA and TOD Industry Forums and secured COJ Planning Partnership Successfully integrated employees into TOD working group

Stood up a successful realignment of Customer Service, Human Resources, Investigations, Training Identified HROD failures and reconfigured for direct line of sight of accountability through BI on customer service, Lytx, Training and Operations interfaces Provided AVP with opportunity to represent JTA at TCRP, local Talent and Organizational Development units

Successfully empowered department to strategically use their resources with a combination of employee and private contractors to stand up AMELIO Successfully navigated the 3 ½ month downtime of JEMMS for the conversion to AMELIO Successfully navigated ELT integration into dashboard use.

Achieved 2 SMS-trained officers One of 8 transit agencies on the DHS Surface Transportation Advisory Committee Completed SMS/PTASP Training for Executives Expanded safety department to include facilities expert and UAV expert Tier 1 Gold Bus Safety Award

• •

• •

Strategic Planning Function

Authority Wide Project Management

Marketing and Communications Function

Government Affairs Function

Action Network and strategic mobility and workforce development presentations Drug & Alcohol Awareness Program • Successfully facilitated back up assistance for imminently retiring specialist

Successfully integrated JTA’s Blueprint for Transportation Excellence, Goals and Objectives, Transformative Initiatives and Milestones into a single, easy to understand process approved by CEO, and Board that is informed by Senior leader retreats

Successfully shepherded Board Chair and Committee bylaws amendments Successfully facilitated board committee structure redesign Working groups on Ridership, FMLM, Urgent Risks, Branding (JRTC @ LaVilla) highly functioning

• Took over for a retiring VP to a failing director and rescued FCBOH event, ReadiRide and regional Branding, MOVE and NEXT Strategies and roll out after midnight resignation • Developed alternative structure • Increased non-farebox revenue

Secured win-win for BUILD grant Secured TOD Planning Grant Successfully bid its consultant contracts


12 Characteristics of a Leader

Accountable ❑ Initial months:700s and 800s ❑ Latter months: 800s and 900s ❑ Average results for the Year ❑ Ideal: 800s to low 900s If in the 700s: Metrics were too difficult to achieve If Annual Average 950+/- Metrics were too easy to achieve ❑ Administration Division: 783 = Close to Ideal


 Developed Onboarding plan for three new Board members in the middle of an internal realignment:  Successfully managed Board retreat  Successfully won approval of FY 20 goals and objectives prior to Board retreat commencing  Successfully managed through payroll and 12 Characteristics of a Leader


HR challenges (Kronos, taxes and take- home vehicles, and legal claims issues)

 Mitigated morale issues caused by information asymmetry



12 Characteristics of a Leader

Customer- Focused As a support function and credible partner:  Guided TO and Finance through sensitive terminations  Assisting TO with Connexion and technology issues  Absorbed multiple TO “problems”  Guided CCP through procurement and legal challenges  Solved a litany of issues related to JTAC 

Successfully advocated for improvements to the JRTC customer- experience including reconfigurations of floor space  Furniture and wellness  Security  Retail space  Sustainability initiatives including reduced use of paper


12 Characteristics of a Leader

Critical Thinker 

Foresaw and Mitigated risks, e.g.,  Procurement challenges  HROD challenges 

Payroll and technology challenges Marketing and Communications challenges  Mayport incident management

Legal challenges 

Near resolution on incident settlement

 Near resolution on oldest lawsuit on Authority’s books


12 Characteristics of a Leader

Engaged  Operates as glue in the absence of policy for board liaison actions  Coordinated Hurricane Dorian pre-incident, real-time briefings, after-action activities and celebration of employee volunteers  Regularly provides counsel to peers on a variety of matters  Assists with the development of presentations of colleagues before CEO, division staff and external parties  Worked with Senior Leadership Team on several presentations to ELT  Successfully advocated for the promotion of JTA employees for top jobs


12 Characteristics of a Leader

Good Communicator 

Delivered several written and oral communications directly to the Board on sensitive media, legal and high-profile political issues on behalf of CEO  Delivered several presentations to the entire Authority during safety meetings, cross functional meet-and-greets, town halls, listening tours, and unannounced drop-ins  Delivered several industry presentations High Energy  Demonstrates get-up-and-go attitude  Leads team meetings on JTA Routes  Visits Skyway, Maintenance, Operations, the Villa and Administrative sites regularly


12 Characteristics of a Leader

Innovative 

Transitioned MOVE from a plan to action

 Enhanced TOD/TSU program supported by CEO and Board  Represented JTA at USDOT on TOD through responding to NOPRs and participating in USDOT/Industry Chatham House events  Established Administrative Updates Publication for critical communications  Supported the ERM, and Risk Registry approaches and training  Leveraged Cultural Council relationships to enhance JRTC at LaVilla  Leveraged knowledge of city government to create an homage to the Johnson Brothers to be revealed later this year


12 Characteristics of a Leader

Inspirational  Shepherded Year 3 alignment with BTE and Enterprise metrics that resulted in Board approval of Year 3 Milestone approach in connection with JTA’s transformative initiatives  Exhausted the use of spot awards across all divisions to motivate employees  Funding most expensive public events through sponsorship for first time Strategic Thinker  All divisions now have retreats twice a year around the development of metrics, emotional intelligence and employee performance goal-setting  Audit Policy and Procedure Committee is now the Security, Audit & Compliance Committee and is fully integrated into JTA bylaws and processes  Ridership efforts now have a multi-dimensional approach to improve success 13

12 Characteristics of a Leader

Team Player  Led internal team on individual team-building training and planning sessions  Routinely hosted teams for gatherings  Routinely prepared peers and dotted line reports for meetings with Mr. Ford  Supported Transit Operations in various team meetings  Organized meetings of the Senior Leadership Team for critical briefings and training  Prepared other divisions’ materials for their retreats  Championed the promotion of existing team members  Provided legal counsel on a host of issues  Routinely represented JTA and/or CEO at APTA BMBG, CEO Seminar, Legal, Mobility, TBM/TBA and Transform, COMTO National, FDOT, FTA, and USDOT 14

12 Characteristics of a Leader

Accountable Courageous Change Agent Customer-Focused Critical Thinker Engaged

Good Communicator High Energy Innovative Inspirational Strategic Thinker Team Player


High Energy



Change Agent

Team Player

Inspirational/Strategic Thinker


Good Communicator




FY 2020 Mid-Year in Review Cleveland Ferguson III, SVP/CAO

April 29, 2020

Critical Thinker

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