Zionsville: Knee Injuries & Preventing Knee Arthritis


Knee pain is a common ailment, but in some cases, it can be completely preventable. By practicing these helpful health tips, you can prevent developing pain or injury altogether, or at the very least you can reduce the amount of discomfort you are currently feeling: • Maintain a healthy weight. Any extra weight you carry around will cause additional strain on your knees. By keeping a healthy weight and eating right, you will ease the stress on your knees, thus decreasing your risk of developing injuries and/or osteoarthritis. • Condition and stretch. If you are an athlete, conditioning is an important part of the sport. Conditioning and stretching allow you to train your body to perform in the ways you want it to, in addition to keeping you strong and limber. It is a great way to warm up and cool down after a vigorous workout. Weak and untrained muscles are the main causes for injuries. With correct conditioning practices, you can greatly decrease your risk of getting hurt. • Know the right exercise regimen for you. It is important to understand what physical activity you need to do to stay in shape, keeping in mind any underlying conditions you may already have. For example, if you are injured or suffering from arthritis, you may have to change the way you exercise, at least until the pain or flare up subsides. Low-impact activities such as swimming or water aerobics can help keep you active while you are recovering. • See a physical therapist. If your pain persists despite your best efforts, it’s time to seek the help of a physical therapist. He or she will create a personalized treatment plan for you, based on your specific needs, aimed at providing relief and promoting healing. Physical therapists are trained SAVE THE DATES AND CALL NOW TO REGISTER: FOOT AND ANKLE PAIN : DIG YOUR HEELS IN AND HEAL Saturday, February 16, at 9:00 a.m. Presented by Emina Alicusic-Karic, DPT This workshop is for those who have difficulty walking or running due to foot or ankle pain, or past injuries. Come to this interactive workshop to experience self-testing, balance checks, and answers to questions you may have regarding the best approach for regaining your balance, walking skills or running speed. KNEE PAIN SOLUTIONS: YOU NEED YOUR KNEES TO MOVE! Saturday, February 16, at 10:00 a.m. Presented by Marissa Barbee, DPT This workshop is for those who have injured their knees, those who are considering knee surgery or injections, and those who are dealing symptoms of knee joint arthritis, such as painful and limited walking, restricted knee joint motion, or difficulty squatting. We will provide interactive experiences to help you with self-testing your knees for strength and flexibility as well as ideas for decreasing pain while healing or dealing with knee issues.

to treat you for pain in natural and noninvasive ways, providing safe and comfortable forms of treatment. At Zionsville Physical Therapy, our team is dedicated to helping you reach your physical goals. Schedule a consultation with one of our physical therapists today, and get started on the first steps toward long-lasting knee pain relief!

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HIP AND PELVIC PAIN: Saturday, March 16, at 10:00 a.m. Presented by Marissa Barbee, DPT, and Elaine Morrison, PT Come to this interactive workshop to examine the common causes for hip and pelvic pain, especially pain with walking, running, prolonged sitting and driving. If you are limiting your activities due to hip issues, come for screening tests and instructions to find out if your hula hoop days are over, or if you can indeed make a come-back! ALL WORKSHOPS REQUIRE REGISTRATION, as seating is limited! 317.873.2033

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