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A Time to Reflect Father’s Day and a Lost Friend

With Father’s Day last month, we couldn’t be happier to look back on the things that mean the most to us at Pendleton Law. Even after my wife, Christina, and I started this firm so many years ago, we knew we always wanted to make time for our kids. After all, they only grow up once. With that in mind, we’ve done everything in our power to keep our schedules as flexible as possible so we can spend time together as a family unit. That will always be something special to us. We just want to take a moment and sincerely thank our clients for everything they’ve allowed us to do. Without your trust, our little ones may not have had all the opportunities they have today. Every Father’s Day, we thank all our fathers out there. They’re not alone in their daily struggles. I know firsthand how hard it can be to juggle your professional life with your home life, and it’s a constant battle to keep these things separated. To be honest, once we’d taken care of Christina for Mother’s Day in May, I’d looked forward to stretching my legs a little bit on my big day. Christina wasn’t alone in her celebration, either. We got an Edible Arrangement for every woman at our firm for the holiday. We know it’s not much, but it’s nice to know you’re not forgotten about. Your hard work is making someone else’s life a whole lot easier. My idea of the perfect Father’s day gift included a relaxing and peaceful day with the wife and kids, and they delivered! We’ve got four kids running around our house as we speak: three boys and a girl. Our oldest, Jordan, is seven, Isaiah is five, Christian is three, and our baby girl, Hannah, celebrates her second birthday in August. Life’s a circus, and my wife and I are the ringmasters. Still, we couldn’t be happier to take on the challenge together. We love coaching, leading, and helping them grow into whatever it is they

Enjoying our cousin’s birthday party!

want to be when they’re older. We’re not alone, either, because it truly takes a village. Everybody in our family does their part when they can, and we’re forever grateful for those helping hands when we need them. I try to do as much as I can alongside my wife because I know this moment in time won’t last forever. When they get to 16, they won’t want to hang out with Dad anymore. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show and receive unconditional love to a little bundle of joy who couldn’t be happier to be around you. While that may change in a few years when they get to be teenagers, we trust it’ll come back when they come to their senses in their 20s. With our family safe and sound, we’d like to turn our thoughts and prayers over to the family of Dr. Roy West. I considered Dr. West a friend and great example of mine, so I was very saddened to hear about his recent passing, as was the rest of the city of Richmond. As the former

mayor, he did countless things to better this community both in-office and as an educator. He paved the way for many of us who are here today. Over the time I knew him, he showed me graciousness, kindness, and an example of excellence. I think a hole has been made in the heart of this community that will be impossible to fill. From our family at Pendleton Law, we want to thank Dr. West and all the other incredible fathers out there for what you do every day.

-Damon Pendleton | 1

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