Jon Carson Consulting - March 2020

ARE YOU VIBING WITH YOUR BUSINESS? BOOST YOUR COMPANY’S CULTURE WITH ‘FIVE FREQUENCIES’ If you dive deep into the tactics of successful businesses and startups, a common thread among them is that culture reigns king. More and more value is placed on fostering an uplifting atmosphere for employees, which allows them to generate better business. The general consensus says great culture is built over time and can take many tries in an attempt to get it “just right.” But one book suggests that you might not need to look very far to pinpoint the biggest influence behind company culture. In “Five Frequencies: Leadership Signals That Turn Culture Into Competitive Advantage,” a team of four authors compile their years of extensive experience working with companies to execute cohesive strategies for building effective culture. Jeff Grimshaw, Tanya Mann, Lynne Viscio, and Jennifer Landis have witnessed company cultures of every type be successful and fail. They concluded that culture doesn’t cultivate from the many but, rather, is affected by the few. In this case, the few are the leaders of the business. The authors assert that leaders are, at every moment, transmitting signals to their team, whether intentionally or not. Teams take cues from those who lead them, so if leaders aren’t dialed into the frequencies they’re giving off, they could be transmitting troublesome

signals. Instead, leaders should always be dialed into their “vibes” and be particularly aware of five specific frequencies:


Their decisions and actions


What they choose to reward and recognize


What they do and do not tolerate


The way they show up informally


How they compose formal communications

“Five Frequencies” illustrates how correctly tuning into these frequencies can give leaders the tools they need to make bad culture good and good culture great. Full of tried-and-true examples from real companies around the globe, this guide proves that culture is not something tangible you can hold, nor is it a procedural element you can simply implement. It’s something people feel, and it’s built and explained by the behaviors that surround it. This means it can be difficult to manage, measure, and, most importantly, change. But if leaders take the time to look at themselves and the actions they exemplify, they’ll have a solid foundation to start.



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“I want to thank you for your mentoring time. I don’t think I realized quite how much I had to say until we began talking, and I am so grateful to you for managing to synthesize all of it and, as always, responding with compassion, honesty, and a wide-lens perspective that always shifts my thinking.”

“This Friday, exactly five years after I opened, I am being honored as the 2019 Woman- Owned Business of the Year for our regional chamber here in Littleton, Colorado! “I want to share that with you, since you have been a big part of our success here at Mathnasium!”

–Amber Fawson Co-founder Saalt Company

–Suzie Shride Center Director Mathnasium of Littleton

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