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Do you have a daily struggle with your shoulders? Do normal tasks, such as sitting at your desk, bending down to grab a fallen item, or standing to cook dinner, cause a flaring pain between your blades or in the tissues between your shoulders and neck? Chances are, this discomfort could be due to your posture. If you believe your stance could be contributing to your shoulder pain, call South Valley Physical Therapy to schedule an appointment and discuss your treatment options. How does improper posture affect the shoulders? Shoulders are a common pain area for poor posture. When we slouch, hunch, or lean forward too much, our muscles and tendons are being pulled in ways that they are not used to, thus causing inflammation and pain. The shoulders take the brunt of this pull, making them a common area of complaint. Many patients who seek out physical therapy for their shoulder pain have a condition referred to as “shoulder impingement.” This happens when your rotator cuff tendons press on your “coracoacromial arch,” or the arch of your shoulder. When this happens, you may experience pain when sleeping in certain positions, reaching for something, or moving your shoulder in circular motions.

Poor posture is the most common cause of shoulder impingement, but other causes could be related to: • Osteoarthritis • General weakness in the shoulder • Compression, due to trauma • Repetitive reaching movements How physical therapy helps: Our physical therapists at South Valley Physical Therapy are dedicated to helping you achieve your highest level of physical ability. Improper posture is a difficult habit to break, but our staff will use the most sophisticated diagnostic tools, from movement investigation to gait analysis, to determine the specific problem areas of your posture. We will then determine the best course of treatment for your needs, and we will assist you in the necessary exercises and therapies that will ease your body into its intended stance once again. Don’t let the weight of your shoulders hold you down – if you are experiencing shoulder pain, contact us today to set up a consultation. We’ll get you victoriously waving your arms around in no time!

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