Finney Injury Law - November 2019

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We had another “first” at Finney Injury Law in the last few weeks: We hired another lawyer. As a solo practitioner, I have never done this. I never wanted to bite that off — the extra overhead, the extra meetings, etc. It’s just not my way of working. But, over the last five months or so, I began to realize the ship was getting heavier and harder to steer. The level of service showed signs of dropping. I was focusing on the short term rather than the long play, and I needed to invest in the future of my office, my clients, and my family. So, I put the word out I was looking to add an associate, someone to assist not only our clients but also our co-counsel relationships. We needed someone who could bring value to the services we already provide to clients and other lawyers. It was really just word of mouth, and I was able to narrow it down to two fantastic candidates. In all sincerity, if I could have, I would have hired both. But that would have been too much, too soon. I did not like making the tough decision and wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing.

A person I have grown to become really good friends with, Peter Sullivan, called me and said, “You should talk to this one guy. He is very solid.” Since Pete is someone I trust (he is my personal lawyer for certain things — yes, even lawyers have lawyers), I was interested. I also enlisted the help of a couple friends around the country, one in Dallas and one in South Carolina. My local attorney friends here offered their input — some so impressed with one of the candidates that they went out of their way to call me and say, “Hire him!” They all pitched in and selflessly offered advice. They are truly amazing friends. I am lucky to know such great lawyers. Tough decisions would have to be made. I offered the job to one of the candidates. He accepted. So, without further delay, we now have Alex Ledbetter as an attorney in our office. I could not be more excited about the future now that we have Alex’s skill set in house. Why am I so excited? Because he brings a much different perspective to the cases than I do. He had his own practice for a bit, which shows me he knows what it’s like to be out there pushing cases. He also turned down other jobs, very good jobs at great firms, because he knew it wasn’t the work he wanted to be doing. In just a few weeks, I have noticed a significant change in the cases moving. He has jumped in and started to initiate progress in cases I had not been able to get to. And the results are there. This is great news for our clients.

So, please check out our website to learn more about him. He’s married and a father of three. We now have seven kids in the office. He is a fellow Man for Others — something not taken for granted. And he’s also a former race car driver. I have no doubt we will do big things at the office. We will fight for people who need it. We will continue to help anyone in any courtroom. Now, we can just do it better and more

comprehensively. Let’s keep moving forward.

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