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A sports injury is severely damaging because it can potentially end the athlete’s career or alter their quality of life. Injured players hope to get a diagnosis and treatment from the medical professionals around them and get back in the game as soon as possible. MRI technology is an essential part of that process. An MRI scan is used to produce an accurate diagnosis of the player’s injury, but that’s not all. It can also assist doctors in estimating recovery time and determining if the player will need surgery. With so much depending on the MRI scan, it’s no wonder that fans, coaches, teammates, and injured players themselves wait anxiously for the results. Though it’s now standard practice to use MRI scans to help diagnose sports injuries, the MRI device itself is less than 50 years old. On July 3, 1977, the first recorded MRI scan of a human body was performed by Dr. Raymond Damadian. Although it took five hours to produce that first image of the patient, the machine successfully scanned his chest and revealed his lungs and heart. Damadian named the machine Indomitable, an homage to his team’s struggle in developing the technology that allowed the device to succeed. Thanks to Damadian’s determination and the brilliant people on his team, today’s medical professionals can use MRI machines to scan broken bones, detect cancerous cells, take full photos of the brain, and reveal blood clots. MRI scans are useful for athletes and nonathletes alike. The results inform a diagnostic plan that will help them get back to playing the sport they love, whether it be their career or a hobby.

Whether it’s football, hockey, rugby, or any other contact sport, when a player goes down, fans immediately want to know why. An injury could mean a player is out for the season, which could also cause the entire team to falter. Concerned fans will wait for hours to hear the player’s prognosis.



COVID-19 has been particularly hard on the homeless population. Because they spend so much time exposed to

The GLOW Run takes place at night. Last year, it drew 1,000 glowstick- adorned runners. Carts4Hearts is a morning race that Tonia calls “an urban Iditarod.” On race day, teams of six people become sled dogs and decorated shopping carts become sleighs. “They raise money, food, and clothing donations for the mission, drop those off at the checkpoint, and then run without anything in their cart,” Tonia says. “It’s a lot of fun, and a little outside the box!” Both runs have been postponed due to COVID-19, but the Downtown Rescue Mission is still taking donations at In the meantime, we’ve still been working with Tonia to provide T-shirts for another group she’s a part of: Buccaneer Yacht Club. “The yacht club is very different because we actually have a fine artist that does a painting we have to send in for the T-shirts,” Tonia says. “The graphics on that are a little more complicated, but again, Lynnpro handles it like a champ! We’ve never had any issues.”

the elements or packed together in shelters, homeless people are at high risk of catching the virus. That susceptibility makes nonprofits like our client the Downtown Rescue Mission more vital than ever. “This is our 45th year serving the homeless community in northern Alabama and southern Tennessee,” says Tonia Camardella, the mission’s director of events and business partnerships. “We serve on average 300 men, women, and children per night.” The faith-based Downtown Rescue Mission offers essentials, emergency services, transitional assistance, and recovery programs. To raise funds, it hosts two big races each year in Huntsville, Alabama: the GLOW Run 5K and Carts4Hearts. Lynnpro has provided T-shirts and other promotional products for both races for three years. “We have to be very fiscally responsible, so every year I have to get quotes from three different T-shirt companies and go with the best price. Lynnpro has always been the best price! They’ve always been very quick to get our items to us, and we’ve never had a problem getting everything we need on time, even little extra goodies like a cutting board with our logo on it and the stickers I put on my car,” Tonia says.

Tonia, thank you for spreading the word about Lynnpro! We love working with you and are looking forward to years of partnerships to come.


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