Urban Extension: A Professional Development Offering

Boone County, Kentucky, University of Kentucky

Boone County Cooperative Extension Services

How Boone County CES is positioned at the national, state, regional, and city levels:

As a part of the greater Cincinnati Metro community, Boone County’s population is currently over 130,000, with a mix of urban, suburban and rural populations. To remain engaged, agents and support staff plan events and programs that address a mix of traditional programming while offering new and innovative lineups to address the broader needs of a growing urban community. Agents and staff offer geographically-dispersed programs to accommodate transportation limitations of some residents and also plan events and programs that draw people to one of several Boone County Extension facilities (listed below).

Kentucky Statewide

Demographic Categories







Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander:


Native Alaskan/Native American:


• CES Administrative Building – staff offices, meeting facilities

Two or more races:


Other race:


• CES Enrichment Center – food demonstration kitchen, general project/demonstrations, large events

Median age:


Total Population:


• Farmers Market – located on CES property

• Arboretum – a partnership with local government. The land is owned by the county, and CES provides funding for staff, plant materials and maintenance.

• Extension Environmental Education and Nature Center – a 120-acre farm that has been developed into a nature preserve.

How Boone County CES address the multitude of issues and priorities in their community through educational programming:

Boone County CES and their managing Board of Directors own, manage and/or support a diverse set of properties and facilities that serve the communities through the creation of educational programming that is multidisciplinary and relevant to urban issues, as described below.

The CES Administrative Building is the current location’s original facility. Built more than 25 years ago, it has undergone several renovations to increase space and upgrade technologies. It consists of agents and


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