Urban Extension: A Professional Development Offering

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Harris County Cooperative Extension Services

How Harris County CES is positioned at the national, state, regional, and city levels:

Cooperative Extension Services (CES) have a unique history for educating communities around the world by constructing bridges between research conducted at land-grant institutions and the needs that that knowledge can answer. Thus, CES has experience in building relationships with any business, agency, and community through various engagement models.

CES in Harris County, TX, in the Greater Houston area, relies on community connections to open doors to opportunities by providing services to people. Programming consists of collaborations with organizations

whose goals relate to the education of people and/or clientele. These relationships allow CES the opportunity to meet people where they’re at, a very valuable skill. With a population of over 4.3+ million people, approximately twenty-one cities within Harris County, and twenty school districts, volunteers are key to CES operations, and Extension focuses on their mobilization. In such a highly populated area, the visibility of Extension services in the community is critical, and there are several diverse strategies utilized:

Texas Statewide

Demographic Categories







Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander:


• Providing strong program interpretation to stakeholders

Native Alaskan/Native American: 0.48%

• Conducting programs in central, easily accessible locations

Two or more races:


• Offering multiple options for program participation

Other race:


• Engaging partners with robust, on the ground relationships that serve their needs as well as Extension’s

Median age:


• Recognizing volunteers and program participants for their work

Total Population:



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