Urban Extension: A Professional Development Offering

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How the Utah State University CES is positioned at the national, state, regional, and city levels:

Utah State University (USU) Extension is a network of available local experts who bring relevant information, education and solutions to individuals, families and

City of Logan, Utah

communities. USU Extension offers online research-based information and live programming in gardening, family finance, relationship education, food safety, emergency preparedness, agriculture, natural resources and 4-H and youth programs. The importance of retaining a healthy urban tree canopy is widely known, but public acceptability of alternative sidewalk materials that both fix sidewalks and keep urban trees intact are not well known. USU Forestry Extension compared the results of two sidewalk replacement projects: one that administered pre-construction educational brochures to nearby residents informing them of a novel project in their neighborhood that replaced broken sidewalks with alternative materials, and one that did not.

Demographic Categories







Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander:


Native Alaskan/Native American:


The objectives of this project were to:

Two or more races:


• Determine public acceptability of alternative sidewalk materials

Other race:


• Make recommendations for implementing similar projects on a region-wide scale

Median age:


• Evaluate the impact that education has on public acceptability

Total Population:


How the Utah State University CES address the multitude of issues and priorities in their community through educational programming:

FUNDING & BUY-IN: In 2014 USU Forestry Extension received a Community Forestry Grant from the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands to support the Logan Street Sidewalk Project. Extension met with City of Logan staff and engineers and garnered additional monetary support in the form of matching funds for labor and materials. Extension’s proposed solution— to replace rigid sidewalk tiles with flexible tiles made from


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