Urban Extension: A Professional Development Offering

How the Utah State University CES collaborates to leverage resources for collective impact:

USU Forestry Extension was well positioned to demonstrate a tool that allowed municipalities to both 1) fix broken sidewalks AND 2) keep large urban trees in place. Without Extension’s persistent and reliable presence in this program, many of these trees would have eventually been removed, resulting in negative consequences on several levels. USU Forestry Extension leadership supported this novel project and provided a framework for these cities to take a risk and try a different technique that ultimately the public was interested in and supported. In 2018, USU Forestry Extension held a training to demonstrate best management practices and installation techniques of this product to over 25 Utah community forestry employees and professionals from around the state. In April 2019, their poster earned them a Green Award Recognition for Leadership in Extension Sustainability Programming at the National Sustainability Summit & National Extension Energy Summit conference. In 2019, USU Forestry Extension published a Tools of the Trade Journal of Extension article which explains the project in a step-by-step fashion so it can replicated in other communities.


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