Urban Extension: A Professional Development Offering

Washington State University Metropol itan Center

The WSU Metropolitan Center for Applied Research and Extension

How the WSU Metropolitan Center is positioned at the national, state, regional and city levels:

Washington State University’s (WSU) Metropolitan Center for Applied Research and Extension (Metro Center) understands cities. From economies and the environment, to health and equity, and everything in between, the Metro Center leverages actionable research, cutting-edge analysis, and a deep understanding of place-based solutions to create Demographic Categories Washington Statewide



pathways for cities to thrive. The Metro Center is a resource for public officials, non-profit and private sector leaders across the state who want to engage the unbiased knowledge and research base of the land grant university to effectively address issues facing their cities. Working project by project across a broad range of subject areas, the Metro Center provides WSU with the flexibility to tackle emerging urban issues through applied research. Headquartered at WSU’s urban Everett campus, the Metro Center sits within the greater-Seattle metropolitan area, a region with a population of nearly 4 million people, encompassing over 90 municipalities and 30 of Washington’s 49 legislative districts. With its statewide focus, the Metro Center serves not just the urbanized west side of the state, but also the vibrant cities of eastern Washington, such as Spokane and Yakima, that are surrounded by vast swaths of rural lands. These smaller cities, both east and west side, without the tremendous staff resources of Seattle, are often in greatest need of the short term, high quality expertise that the Metro Center can provide.





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The Metro Center is also positioned nationally through active engagement in the National Urban Extension Leaders, including hosting the 2019 National Urban Extension Conference, and through collaborative opportunities as the administrative home of the Western Center for Metropolitan Extension.

How the WSU Metropolitan Center addresses the multitude of issues and priorities in the city:

The Metro Center’s work is driven by community needs. Simply put, a client requests the services of the Metro Center to address an issue. The Metro Center then assembles a unique project team from across WSU


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