Urban Extension: A Professional Development Offering


NUEL Professional Development Survey Results

This resource describes the assessed results of 95 surveys of professional development, asking questions about Extension staffing needs, programming work, and partnership collaborations. URL(excel download): https://8907224.fs1.hubspotusercontentna1.net/hubfs/8907224/Urban%20Extension/NUEL-professional- dev-survey-results.xlsx

Urban Extension – Reflections on the Past – A Look to the Future. This article features highlights of the successes and barriers presented by previous studies and makes suggestions on what can be done to move the urban Extension agenda forward. The authors share results of a case study in Kentucky in hopes of offering current and future recommendations for the many Extension systems across the country challenged with being as relevant a resource to urban areas as the organization is to its rural counterparts. Institution: University of Kentucky URL : https://www.jhseonline.com/article/view/714/616

America’s Changing Urban Landscape: Positioning Extension for Success

For the Cooperative Extension Service (Extension) to have a substantive urban presence and impact, it will be vital for local Extension staff, state Extension systems, and the national Extension system to understand how to position Extension for success in large metropolitan regions. To do this, Extension should examine its history of working in cities, work to overcome a number of internal barriers or challenges that are defined in Extension literature, and develop a deeper understanding of the unique and complex set of characteristics and features of urban environments. As Extension does this, it will be important for it to move forward in a manner that ensures it is relevant to local metropolitan residents while being responsive to the needs of communities statewide. It will also be imperative that Extension be recognized locally, statewide, and nationally for its work; however, Extension is not starting from scratch as it has more than a 60-year history of working in cities. Extension should learn from best practices within the numerous strong urban and suburban operational and educational models present in a number of states. URL: https://www.jhseonline.com/issue/view/05-02


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