Urban Extension: A Professional Development Offering

and serves the needs of the communities in which it is embedded. This section is the springboard to the Extension Foundation’s Impact Collaborative Summit in October 2019, focused on professional development.


If you could start over in Extension, knowing what you know now, where would you focus your training?

Select your response from the options below.

• Program Development -- Planning, creating evaluations around outcomes, designing programs, implementation, summative evaluations • Diversity and Inclusion -- Authentically connecting with your audience to develop and deliver educational programs. • Marketing -- Extension is the Nation’s best kept secret, and that needs to change • Work-life Balance Management

The last part of this story is the list of resources available for exploration, which touch on everything from deliberative discourse critical to democracy and Extension’s work in that arena, to sustainability sources, to professional development documents, and to scholarly research circling around questions posed about Urban Extension.


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