Urban Extension: A Professional Development Offering

Franz et al. (2015) provided a comprehensive review of approaches to and the evolution of Extension programs, including Boone, Saftrit, and Jones’ (2002) assessment that program development is complex and technical. Franz et al. (2015) noted that most Extension professionals directly or indirectly utilize the program development model articulated by Seevers and Graham (2012) comprised of planning, design and implementation, and evaluation. Institution: Washington State University URL: https://s3.wp.wsu.edu/uploads/sites/2180/2013/06/Urban-Extension-Aligning-with-the-Needs-of- Urban-Audiences-Through-Subject-Matter-Centers.pdf

Management Skills of County Extension Administrators: Are They Sufficient to Do the Job?

Do county Extension administrators possess the management skills to be successful in their role? This study examined 127 county Extension administrators from 22 states who had participated in an Extension assessment center designed to assess 15 supervisory/management competencies deemed necessary for success as an Extension administrator. The study found that the participants possessed average to very good management skills as observed during the assessment center process and that they undertook professional development and implemented behavioral changes as a result of the insight and feedback they received from their experience in the assessment center. Institution: Ohio State University Extension URL: https://archives.joe.org/joe/2000april/rb2.php

Staffing Extension for the 21st Century

Future Extension staffing patterns should reflect the difference between clients' needs for information versus education...As Extension's viability increasingly depends on program accountability and research-based programming, staff must also further their skills in scientific investigation and program evaluation.

Institution: Oklahoma State University-Stillwater URL: https://archives.joe.org/joe/1992winter/fut1.php

Big-City Imperative: Agenda for Action

With the majority of the country's population, Extension needs to find its voice in order to be sustainable. This article will give insight into some ways to afford extension the same opportunity to succeed as it has in rural areas. Institution: University of Minnesota-St. Paul URL: https://archives.joe.org/joe/1989fall/a1.php


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