Milestones In A Child's Development

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“When Should I Be Looking for SpecificDevelopments in My Child? ” Milestones in Your Child’s Development: What to Expect Any pediatrician or child care expert will tell you: No two children are alike, and there’s no used fretting if she isn’t able to do what your friend’s baby or toddler of the same age is doing. Nonetheless, there are some milestones for various stages of early childhood that can serve as general guidelines. 2 MONTHS By the time your baby reaches her two-month milestone, she will be responding to the sound of your voice, when she hears it, by smiling and looking around for you. She will also be following people with her eyes as they move around the room, and will begin to get bored and fussy if left on her own too long. She can hold also her head up unsupported by now. 6 MONTHS At the half-year mark, your baby’s life is really rolling, and so is she! Aside from being able to roll herself over from any position, she also likes to play, and may be able to sit

unsupported. She can pass toys and objects from one hand to another, and exerts herself to get things that are beyond her reach. You’ll also be able to pick out vowels and consonants in her “babbling.” 1 YEAR At 12 months, your baby is aware enough of her surroundings and the comings and goings of her family members to get emotional about them. She can be shy with strangers, fearful at unfamiliar sights and sounds, and downright sorrowful when her loved ones say goodbye. She will probably also be pulling herself to a standing position, and “cruising” by walking about while holding onto furniture.

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