Activity Week at Keilder Water

This Term’s Outstanding Attendance 98+% Attendance

Five students enjoyed an activity week which was run by the therapy team with house support. They had the opportunity to explore Northumberland, experience a wide range of activities which helped develop their social skills, especially working together, increased their confidence levels and all experienced new things.

Josh was happy he was able to pop the balloons on the targets in archery.

Oliver 99% Emily 99% Josh 98% Shane 98% Anthony 99% Nesara 98%

Raft building required all to work together – well done to Courtney and Josh coping with the cold water when they fell in. Jatin overcame his fear of the water and once we got him driving the speed boat, he loved it. Courtney was a little nervous at the birds of prey centre, but let the owl fly from her hand. Leo learnt how to make a fire without the aid of matches. Cooking a snack on an open fire – tasty! Jonah and Leo broke the site record for crate stacking…TIMBER! Fastest time on the assault course went to Leo.

100% Attendance

Fareeha Jordan Cox Zulaikha Joseph Montes Colette Casey

Thanks to everyone for a great week at Hawkhirst.

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