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welcome to bishopstrow college Bishopstrow is all about providing a learning environment for international students: learning English, learning how to make the most of a British education, learning about the culture of the UK, and learning to share the wisdom and insights of their own culture with others. At Bishopstrow, students participate confidently in class, always in English, and they also discover a variety of ways they can enjoy a UK education – through sport, drama and music. They learn a positive approach, and develop skills, to become independent learners - as well as critical thinkers. All this in the supportive, friendly and professional environment that characterises Bishopstrow, helping students at all levels develop for a successful future.

bishopstrow college at a glance Established in 2006, Bishopstrow College is the UK’s only independent International Boarding School, offering English language and academic pathway programmes to prepare students for entry into the UK’s leading boarding schools. We are not affiliated to any individual school, so students are completely free to choose where they continue their education. The College operates as a traditional British boarding school, but with an innovative four-term academic year, with terms commencing in September, January, March and June. A 5 week Academic Summer Programme provides a further start date in July. The College offers a variety of programmes, with a focus on English language tuition and immersion in the National Curriculum, in a number of subjects including English, Mathematics, Science and History. Each term, we welcome up to 84 boys and girls, aged 7-17 years, from around 30 different nationalities and a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. This is intentional, since it encourages students to speak English whilst they are with us. From the moment they arrive at Bishopstrow, students are immersed and integrated into British life and culture. Throughout their stay, which lasts at least one term and up to a year, they receive intensive preparation for entry into their chosen British boarding schools. Students planning to return home to continue their studies make real progress with their English, whilst also experiencing the globally recognised British curriculum and British culture. All our students share a commitment to study, a strong sense of purpose, high expectations and good manners. Combined with the exceptional skills and dedication of our teaching, boarding and support staff, it makes for a dynamic learning environment, where students can achieve their very best. The success of the College’s innovative approach to English language learning is demonstrated by our latest British Council inspection report and the quality of the ‘destination schools’ - students go on to enrol at some of the UK’s leading Prep and Senior Schools, including Bradfield College, Cheltenham Ladies College, Godstowe, Oundle, Prior Park College, Summer Fields, The Dragon School and Uppingham. “My communication skills improved drastically at Bishopstrow College, making it easier for me to make new friends at my next school, Dulwich College”


The strength of the reputation of Bishopstrow College meant that I knew of the College before I was appointed Principal, and on my first visit it was clear to me why the College, with its expert staff and the highest standards, is so regularly recommended by those who know it well.

We all look forward to welcoming you to Bishopstrow and for you to see for yourself why Bishopstrow College is so highly regarded.

Stuart Nicholson, Principal

college aims and ethos Aims

• To create a safe, warm and exciting learning environment where we prepare students for a seamless and happy transition to a British boarding school

• To ensure that students leave Bishopstrow, not only able to feel comfortable in a classroom with English speakers, but being able to compete academically in their next school • To provide the building blocks for children to develop a passion for life and learning, encouraging them to set themselves high standards, to fulfil their potential, and grow in self-esteem and confidence • To create an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for others through promoting British values of fairness, individuality, mutual respect of those from different cultures Ethos

Bishopstrow College has five core values that are at the centre of everything we do:

• To be hard working

• To be a team player

• To be kind

• To be polite

• To be organised

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