2019 Annual Report

Badges With Books The Fort Worth Police Bike Support Group is proud to sponsor Badges With Books, a collaborative initiative with the police department. Officers are able to provide books to children in their respective neighborhoods; the books are generously donated from members of the Fort Worth community. Officers are encouraged to provide a book to a child in their neighborhood, take a moment to discuss the last book the child read, and to

read a portion of the book with the child. Re- search shows that reading aloud to a child im- proves literacy and ensures the child is more likely to develop a love of reading on their own. On Oct. 2, Badges With Books provided 12 boxes of books for officers to provide to chil- dren. Decals of Badges With Books will be ap- plied to patrol cars.

D.C. Shedd Delivering Books

For more information on how to donate to this program, please visit

https://fortworthbikepatrol.org/ and http://doyoubacktheblue.org/

FWPD Explorers Acknowledged at City Council Officer Rebecca Woodward and the FWPD Explorers were honored by the Fort Worth City Council in August. The Explorers were recognized for their performance at the 2019 Texas Law Enforcement Explorer Advisors Association State Law Enforcement Explorer Competition held in July 2019. Officer Woodward was recog- nized as the William H. Spurgeon, III Award recipient - the highest recognition for individuals and organiza- tions contributing significant leadership to the Explorer Program. FWPD Explorer Teams received the follow- ing awards at the competition:

Team 1 - 1st Place Arrest Search and Seizure

Team 2 - 1st Place Arrest Search and Seizure

1st Place Bomb Threat

2nd Place Domestic Disturbance

1st Place Misdemeanor Traffic Stops

2019 FWPD Explorers

Congrats to the FWPD Explorers! For more information and how to join, visit:



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