2019 Annual Report

Department Overview


The FWPD organization is led by the Chief of Police and consists of the following three bureaus: Patrol, Support, and Finance/Personnel. Each bureau is managed by an Assistant Chief and consists of two or three Commands that include Divisions, Sections, and Units.

Chief of Police Edwin Kraus

Patrol Bureau

Support Bureau

Finance/Personnel Bureau

Assistant Chief Julie Swearingin

Assistant Chief Robert Alldredge

Assistant Chief Charles Ramirez

FWPD Personnel

As of December 31, 2019, the Fort Worth Police Department employed an authorized strength of 1,712 civil service and 467 civilian staff members. The number of authorized civil service positions are separated by rank below. In 2019, there were 1.9 sworn personnel for every 1,000 residents in Fort Worth.

196 Sergeants

17 Captains

5 Deputy Chiefs

50 Lieutenants

242 Corporals &

6 Commanders

1,193 Officers



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