TRK_909561_Air Top 2000 STC Bunk Comfort Sell Sheet

No-Idle Bunk Comfort | Save Money While You Sleep! The Heater Of Choice By Drivers World-Wide

Webasto Air Heaters:  Provide rapid cab heat without idling  Save thousands of dollars a year in fuel - use as little as 1 Gallon of fuel in 22 hours  Quieter operation ensures a restful night’s sleep  Full diagnostics with PC interface available  3,100 - 7,000 BTU/h heat output

Air Top 2000 STC Air Heater with SmarTemp Control 2.0

(Precision Bunk Temperature Management with Programmable Heater Start Time)

More Efficient Consumes less fuel

Fewer Emissions Cleaner, better for the environment

More Consistent Heat Allows drivers to rest more comfortably

Higher Install Flexibility More Installation Options

Lower Maintenance Costs less to operate & maintain over the life of the heater

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