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When you think of a new build home, are you seeing the Taylor Wimpey picture?

Expectation vs. Reality

Expectation A new build home doesn't fit in with the local surroundings. Reality

Expectation Buying a new home means moving in next to empty plots. Reality Moving with Taylor Wimpey doesn’t just mean a new home, but a new neighbourhood. When you buy a new Taylor Wimpey, your new neighbours are buying theirs too. Buying a new home is such an exciting experience that we forget about all the other people doing it. When it’s time for you to set foot in your home, it will be time for lots of other people to start their new home journey alongside you. The people you haven’t met yet will be your new neighbours, new friends and part of your new way of life. With everything you need to start your next chapter in life right here, and you at the heart of it, it’s not just a new home you’re buying into, it’s an exciting new way of life too.

Your new home journey We’ve looked at every step of the home buying journey, to make sure it as is enjoyable for you to buy as it is for us to build – with a dedicated team accompanying you every step of the way. Your dedicated Customer Relations Manager will carry out a comprehensive check of your new home, following the NHBC inspection.  Once this check has been carried out and we are happy, our legal department will then serve notice to complete. You can then confirm a legal completion and move in date with your solicitor. Next, comes the opportunity to see your new finished home! This will be around 2 weeks before your anticipated legal completion and move in date. Your Customer Relations Manager will show you around and explain exactly how all the appliances and systems work. This is the perfect opportunity for you to familiarise yourself with your new home and to measure up. Come and talk to us today about what a new Taylor Wimpey home could mean to you.

Each of our homes boasts stunning features that complement their surroundings – giving you the benefit of new yet still seamlessly fitting in with the local area. Expectation Buying new means moving into a building site. Reality Before we release our homes, we finish each build within that phase, meaning you move into a completed parcel of homes. Expectation New build homes always have a snagging list a mile long. Reality While any new build home has a settling period, any work will be minimal in comparison to what might need doing in a second hand home. Plus, in an older home, you need to organise and pay for any repairs yourself. With a Taylor Wimpey home, it's all taken care of by us, under our warranty.

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Details correct at time of going to print. XTEX1251/October 2017.

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