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If a few persuasive people hadn’t man- aged to convince him otherwise, Jean- Marc Lalonde would have been very happy pursuing a career as a hockey coach. But for more than five decades he’s been helping score goals of a dif- ferent kind. Political goals, starting with winning a seat on the Town of Rockland council. “It was way back in 1962,” he said, recalling how his political career began, “after winning the championship in Qué- bec City, and having Guy Lafleur with me at that time playing for my team. People came to me, they asked me, ‘Jean-Marc, we would like you to run as a councillor.’ So that’s where the whole thing started.” Since then, Lalonde has been mayor of Rockland and then took the leap into pro- vincial politics as the long-serving Liberal MPP for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell. After 16 years of roaming the halls at Queen’s Park, making himself a very familiar face in the offices of the premier and almost every cabinet minister or ministry official he needed to collar for a favour for his riding, Lalonde at last called it quits as an MPP. But like that famous Cat Who Came Back, Lalonde just could not stay away from politics. In 2014, he ran for and won the Ward 1 seat on the City of Clarence- Rockland council, so in a way, he has come full circle, and the lessons he learned when he was a rookie councillor still apply though now he can back up what he’s learned with years of practical experience. Back when he sat on Rockland town

council, the community had a total popu- lation of about 2800 and very few of the municipal service conveniences that resi- dents enjoy now. “The biggest accomplishment (for council then) was the construction of san- itary sewer and the amelioration of the water system,” Lalonde recalled. “And it was with good planning that we were able to achieve what we have today.” Teamwork has always been Lalonde’s “unofficial second name” and he grins when he recalls how working with other communities has always benefitted first Rockland, then Clarence-Rockland, in the end. “Myself, I always, always respect who- ever is in power. So, the industrial park, that is how that was started. By having the funding from the provincial government, and the fact that there was participation here in most of the activity they had in the City of Ottawa or the National Capital Region.” Cooperation and respect, Lalonde observed, are two key things to keep in mind when dealing with anyone whether in the community, on council, with neigh- bouring municipalities, or in the provin- cial legislature, if there is any hope of getting something practical and necessary accomplished. “Don’t ever be a bully,” he said, regard- ing how an elected official should behave. “You will NEVER succeed as a bully.”

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