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UCPR gets in on natural gas talks


and select file number EB-2016-0004. East Hawkesbury TownshipMayor Robert Kirby wants to bring up the natural gas sup- ply issue during meetings with provincial officials during the Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) meeting in Toronto later this month. Natural gas supply as an

to areas of Ontario which do not have it as a home heating option. The OEB has provided an online summary of the issues involved for the hearing at www. Anyone inte- rested inmore information on the issues and how to comment should go to the website

energy option for his area has long been a concern for Mayor Kirby. He also wonders if there are some provincial reserve funds available that might apply to helping rural municipalities get natural gas service. Parisien expressed doubt such a reserve might exist for that purpose.

The agency in charge of regulating rates for electricity and other energy sources in Ontario is looking into how more people in the province can have natural gas as a possible choice for heating their homes. The mayors of Prescott-Russell are eager to get their say on the subject too. “We’ll craft something for the warden’s signature, and send it out,” said Stéphane Parisien, chief administrator for the United Counties of Prescott-Russell (UCPR). Parisien was responding, during the Feb. 17 regular session of counties council, to a question from several of the mayors about an announcement from the Ontario Ener- gy Board (OEB) about a hearing to gather information and suggestions on ways to help expand natural gas service to Ontario communities which do not have it.The OEB decided to hold the hearing after Union Gas Ltd. filed an application last year. The com- pany’s proposal to the OEB for expanding its natural gas supply lines into some rural areas came with a financing option that the board considered unusual. Union Gas Ltd. proposed charging its existing customer base a portion of the costs for hooking up new customers. The OEB stated that the proposal raises issues about the best and fairest means to encourage and assist with expansion of natural gas service

Course sur ‘glace’ à Clarence Creek

Le tournoi de course sur glace annuel de Clarence Creek était séparé en différentes classes. Pour les femmes, Joanie Fleurant de Bourget a remporté la première place, suivie de Geneviève Henrie de Casselman et Caroline Bissonnette d’Alfred. Dans le cas des hommes, Louis Larocque de Hammond a gagné dans la catégorie des six cylindres, suivi de près par Gaëtan Faubert de Hammond et David Gravelle de Sarsfield. Finalement, David Gravelle a réussi à se sauver avec l’or dans la catégorie des quatre cylindres. Jonathan Glenson et Scott Stenson d’Ottawa ont terminé en deuxième et troisième places. —photo Danic Legault


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