Scania Link_Customer Newsletter_Issue 1_December 2016



Beating the challenge

Welcome to the end-of-year edition of The Scania Link – the Scania publication that lets you, our customer, into all aspects of the world of Scania Southern Africa. In this issue, we highlight some of the year’s activities. Our business is one that focuses on working with customers and delivering a total solutions package – from financing to aftersales support and all the services in between. At Scania, we talk about the total operating economy of the customer – not only costs, but also the uptime and possibilities to earn. We have designed a good service network to support uptime, and the fact that we offer a one-stop shop is important to our customers. All this is made even more important by the tough trading conditions currently slowing business across all industry sectors. While 2015 was a “boom” year for Scania in the truck, bus and genset segments, 2016 has proved to be a much tougher nut to crack overall. I do, however, believe that very good opportunities and possibilities exist in the southern African region, despite the need to first overcome a few economic and political hurdles. It is our job at Scania to make the task of running a business easier for all our customers, and therefore their customers – whether in tough or prosperous times. We are not perturbed by the challenge, and this edition will highlight all the ways in which we are making this possible. I trust that you will enjoy the journey through this edition of The Scania Link, and will continue down the road with us as we endeavour to increasingly build on our total solutions promise.

Raimo Lehtiö MD, Scania South Africa

Scania South Africa is poised to support its customers’ growth, says Lehtiö.

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