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INSIDE THIS ISSUE From the Desk of Michael PAGE 1 The Power of ImaginedWorlds PAGE 1 The Bullets That BeganWorldWar I PAGE 2 A Video Game Console for Everyone? PAGE 3 Take a Break! PAGE 3 Sensational Summer Salad PAGE 3 Avoid the Summer Slide PAGE 4 Having the kids home from school can be awesome, but how do you keep them busy and mentally engaged? You might find yourself eyeing expensive summer camps or wondering about private tutors. But that’s not necessary. Instead, check out some of these great summer reading rewards programs. All these programs are free, they’ll get your kids reading, and they’ll give you some time to yourself to boot! The local library is the best place to start. Most city libraries have great summer reading programs that will reward kids for their hard work with prizes, awards, and even free books. Libraries are also great places to get suggestions for kids, and they offer fun activities during the day and night that will foster a love of learning and reading — and lead to more ideas on what to read! But libraries aren’t the only places that reward summer reading. National

Summer Reading Programs for Kids AVOID THE SUMMER SLIDE

businesses also get in on the fun. Barnes & Noble will give a free book to any child who completes their summer reading triathlon journal ( summerreading). Chuck E. Cheese will give any child 10 free tokens if they read every day and record their progress on their reading calendar ( Pizza Hut will also reward young readers for filling out a passport (bookitprogram.

com), and there are other companies that offer incentives. Remember, reading is about more than just learning. It’s also about keeping minds active to fight the “summer slide” that educators dread every new school year. If you want your kids to have fun, stay sharp, and win cool prizes, get them involved in summer reading!

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