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the brain and nervous system, not your genes. In fact, a study published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics found that not only are genes not the cause of disease, but the human body can also overcome “bad” genes. So, if someone were to scare you and you jump, your heart races and your hands get sweaty. This is a normal, healthy response to the potential threat. When the stressor is over, the heart rate and sweat response should return to normal within a minute or two. If they don’t, the stressor has now become a stress — a stuck, heightened neurologic response with tight muscles, cold or sweaty hands, increased heart rate, increased beta brain wave activity, etc. — that runs all on its own, independent of the original cause. If your brain and nerve system fail to recover from the stressor and remain in a heightened or emergency state (versus the normal growth and repair state), then you are on a vicious downward spiral toward disease and pain, and you become more susceptible to outside influences like gluten, allergens, pollen, and germs. All of this happens below your level of conscious awareness, and you simply believe the aches and pains are you “getting old” or from the weather, your genes, or the environment. You never stop to consider if the other half of the equation — your body’s inborn ability to adapt — has been compromised by stress. This is why The Vinton Method™ utilizes advanced techniques, including biofeedback, to actually see, with the aid of technology and the computer screen, what your brain and nervous system are doing below the surface of what you are consciously aware of. Knowing that 25 percent of people given a clean bill of health on the treadmill stress test drop dead within a month, Johns Hopkins did a study to see if mental stress played a role in heart disease. They wired people to all the same equipment they use when they do a stress test on a treadmill, except this time, they

Hello and welcome back! This month, we are discussing stress and how The Vinton Method™ uniquely addresses it. Most people (doctors included) misunderstand the difference between a stressor and stress. A stressor is an external event. Physical stressors include trauma, accidents, injuries, lack of exercise, etc. Chemical stressors include bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pollution, blood sugar levels, hangovers, cigarette smoke, medications, etc. Mental stressors include self-esteem, family problems, second mortgages, single parenting, worry, lack of purpose, politicians, etc. All three have the potential to cause harm only if they exceed the body’s internal ability to adapt to them. Louis Pasteur’s research showed that germs cause disease. But before his death, he reversed his earlier statement and proclaimed, “Germs do not cause disease. They are everywhere, constantly hovering, waiting for fertile soil.” He was referring to a body’s weakened internal resistance, which is controlled by

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