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Welcome to issue 15 of the College Newsletter! IN THIS ISSUE: - Ministerial Visit on the Primary Campus - School Captain Term Reflections - Premier’s Reading Challenge update - School Council Report - End of Term Awards - SRC Announcement - CCTV at The Lakes South Morang College


Term 3, Week 10 Issue 15 - 2023

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter


The Lakes South Morang College respectfully acknowledges that beneath the significant River Red Gums that feature across our school's landscape lay the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri - Willam people of the Kulin Nation.

Principal Welcome


Student Perspective


School Council Report


College Connections


End of Term Awards


Policy Spotlight



What ’ s on @ The Lakes


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Hello students and families,

Can you believe that we have wrapped up another Term of learning at The Lakes! And what a busy Term it has been.


This Term we have seen students and staff participate within, or visit:

• Ministerial Visit on the Primary Campus



Health & Wellbeing:

• School Captain Term Reflections

100 Days of Prep

Science Week

Salvation Army

• Premier ’ s Reading Challenge update

Footy Colours Day

Book Week


School Council Report

Wear it Purple

Minibeasts Incursion

Victorian Police

End of Term Awards

Father ’ s Day

Forces & Energy Incursion

Big Sister

SRC Announcement

Parent/Carer Teacher Interviews

Push, Pull and Motion Incursion

Fair Share

• CCTV at The Lakes South Morang College

Love Bites

Student Environment and Infrastructure Forum

Preston Market


Old Melbourne Goal

Bring It On the Musical

PE and Sports:

Parliament House

National Gallery of Victoria


Melbourne Museum

Arts Centre


Secondary Campus 80 Jardier Terrace, South Morang 3752 (03) 9401 3919 Primary Campus 275 Gordons Road, South Morang 3752 (03) 9400 9000

Shrine of Remembrance

Careers and Pathways:


EduTech Conference

World of Work


City Experience

William Angliss


Grade 3/4 Camp

Careers Expo


LaTrobe University


The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter PRINCIPAL REPORT

SPECIAL VISIT FROM THE HON. NATALIE HUTCHINS MP TO THE LAKES EDUCATIONAL PRECINCT On Thursday 7 th August, The Lakes South Morang College had the honour of hosting a very special visitors, The Hon. Natalie Hutchins MP and The Hon. Lily Di ’ Ambrosio. This visit was a testament to our commitment to education and community engagement, as well as a celebration of the remarkable work taking place in our educational precinct. The Hon. Natalie Hutchins MP has been a passionate advocate for education and has dedicated her career to supporting initiatives that strengthen our educational system. The Hon. Lily Di'Ambrosio is known for her dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability. As the Minister for Energy, Environment, and Climate Change in the state of Victoria, she plays a pivotal role in leading approaches to pressing environmental challenges and promoting renewable energy solutions.

The visit to our school allowed both MPs to witness firsthand the incredible dedication and talent of our students and staff.

During her visit, The Hon. Natalie Hutchins MP had the opportunity to tour our facilities, interact with students, and engage in meaningful discussions with our dedicated educators. She was impressed by the innovative teaching methods, the commitment to fostering a nurturing learning environment, and the strong sense of community that defines The Lakes. But the visit didn't stop at our school, the tour extended to the wider educational precinct, including Merriang Specialist Developmental School (SDS) and Collingwood English Language School. These institutions play a vital role in our community, offering specialised support and resources to students with diverse learning needs and providing invaluable language education to newcomers to our country. The visit was an opportunity to recognise the important work being done at these schools and to reaffirm our commitment to inclusive and quality education for all. The visit was an inspiring and affirming experience for all involved. The insights and words of encouragement left a lasting impression on our students and staff, reinforcing the importance of education in shaping a bright future for our community. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to The Hon. Natalie Hutchins MP and The Hon. Lily Di ’ Ambrosio for taking the time to visit our college and educational precinct. Their continued support and advocacy for education are invaluable assets to our community, and we look forward to building upon the positive momentum generated during their visit.


Last week, our Year 9 students embarked on a remarkable journey – a week - long city experience in the vibrant and dynamic heart of Melbourne! This adventure is not just a trip for our College, it is a rite of passage. The experience is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of culture, history, and innovation that Melbourne offers. Students found themselves wandering through bustling streets, exploring hidden laneways, and encountering the diverse communities that call this city home. As students ventured forth into this urban landscape, they were encouraged to keep an open mind and a curious spirit. The experience saw them engage with the locals, sample the diverse cuisine, and partake in the myriad of experiences that Melbourne has to offer. Throughout the week, students were challenged in ways that expanded their horizons and broadened their perspectives. Students not only fostered a deeper understanding of the world around them, but also for the potential they hold within themselves, cementing memories that will last a lifetime. We had the loveliest email from a member of the public who observed some of our students during City Experience. They commented: “ I have just witnessed some truly lovely behaviour from your students which deserves acknowledgment and praise. Today there were students [from The Lakes] outside the state library playing chess. A very small child kept running on to the giant chessboard determined to pick up the pieces and move them around. Instead of getting frustrated or angry, the boys playing started to include the little girl asking her to move the chess pieces into the desired position. They saw her as a helper not a hindrance. This was terrific to see and a credit to the young men playing and to your school. Furthermore, before they left the made sure that the giant chessboard was set up perfectly ready for the next game. Well done students! ” We are incredibly proud of our Year 9 students for their enthusiasm, dedication, and camaraderie during this city experience. They have not only learned about the world beyond the classroom but have also strengthened their bonds with each other and our community.


Our College community took the opportunity to show their appreciation for the special dads and father figures in their lives for Father's Day. A heartwarming Father's Day breakfast was held, where students, staff, and fathers came together to share precious moments and create lasting memories. It was a delightful morning filled with laughter, heartfelt conversations, and a fantastic feast to honour all the fathers, father figures and special friends within our community.


This year we again proudly participated in Footy Colours Day, a tradition that brings our school community together to celebrate our love for sports while raising funds for a worthy cause. Decked out in their favourite team's colours, students and staff joined forces to support this fantastic initiative and showed off their footy spirit. Coming off the back of the remarkable performance of the Matilda ’ s and with the AFLW season now in full swing, it is great to see a diverse celebration of all sporting codes and teams represented amongst our school community.


R U OK? Day provided an invaluable opportunity for our school community to come together and promote mental health awareness and support. Our students and staff actively engaged in meaningful conversations about mental well - being, fostering a caring and empathetic atmosphere within our school. Activities and conversations on the day focused on destigmatising mental health and promoting emotional resilience and help - seeking behaviours. was inspiring to witness our school community rallying around the simple yet powerful question: "Are you okay?" As we approach school holidays, we would like to take this opportunity to wish the entire school community a happy and safe break. May this time be filled with joy, relaxation, and quality time spent with loved ones. We look forward to welcoming everyone back in the new school term, reinvigorated and ready to continue our pursuit of excellence in education.

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter STUDENT PERSPECTIVE

PRIMARY SCHOOL CAPTAINS NEHA, ASHWIN, HARRY & KIARA YEAR 6 Congratulations to everyone for finishing Term 3. Everyone ’ s shown massive improvement in their attitude towards learning and respect towards their peers. Everyone has been showing a lot of commitment towards school pride and have made some amazing achievements starting all the way from the Preps learning new things to the Year 1’ s exploring the wonders of mini - beasts, Year 2’ s studying forces in Inquiry, the Year 3’ s and 4’ s going on camp to the Year 5 & 6’ s representing our school in interschool sport and creating their own game in STEM. There ’ s also been some significant changes to the school such as our new and renovated toilets coming before the start of Term 4, much cleaner school yards, visitors from our community such as kindergarteners to the Minister for Education. There have been lots of changes within The Lakes in Term 3, and that ’ s only the beginning. Our school is ready for change, and we can ’ t be more excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for our amazing school and community. We believe that with the help of our peers, our teachers and community we can reach our goals and strive for success for the remainder of 2023. We hope you all had an amazing Term 4 and that you enjoy your holidays and stay safe. Will see you on Monday, 2 October for the beginning of Term 4.


This Term has been huge for our VCE Students. We had a number of students represent our College at Regional Athletics with our very own VCE students Chloe T coming second in javelin and shotput, Dennis Q coming second in long jump and Brodie S coming first in both the 800m and 1500m races. We ’ d love to give a special shout out to one of our Year 6 students Noah MT for finishing first in the high jump. In Term 3 our entire school held one of the most anticipated events of the year, the production of ‘ Bring It On ’. This event showcased the hard work, dedication and amazing efforts from all students and staff across both campuses, we would like to thank everyone who was involved in the planning, performance and those who attended. It was great to see a packed house! It was great to see our Year 9 students lay a wreath at the Diamond Valley Vietnam Veterans Memorial service, well done on representing the College out there in the community.

We are looking forward to all the production students going to see YES.YES.YES this Friday.

We would finally like to wish good luck to our Year 12 students for their upcoming exams and assessments next Term. Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday!


Hello all,

Like many of you are probably thinking, it is hard to believe we are at the September school holidays already – where has this year gone?!?

As I write this, School Council is still buzzing from the Fathers Day Breakfast last Friday! What an absolute awesome turnout for a first - time event to celebrate the fathers and special persons in our school community! To give an indication as to the turnout, over 150 egg and bacon rolls were cooked and served! A massive thank you to all the dads, grandfathers and special persons who braved the chilly 10 - degree weather to spend the time before school with their students. A very special thank you also goes to Marcus, Grant and Briohny for all of their organising and legwork. I would also like to acknowledge and thank Bakers Delight at Westfield Plenty Valley and Altomonte Farms in Donnybrook for their generous contributions; and Camp Australia for supplying coffee free of charge to our families. This breakfast is an important step in further engaging our school community and strengthening school pride, both of which align with the core areas of focus in our Strategic Plan.

In other news, at School Council ’ s most recent meeting on 5 September, we:

Were presented with Council ’ s recent OHS Audit Report;

• Moved to enter into the optional term of our Agreement with Camp Australia to continue to provide the Outside School Hours Care service for The Lakes;

• Moved to enter a new agreement with APlus Schoolwear to continue as our uniform supplier;

• Received an update on the status of our request for signage to be erected on Plenty Road as a wayfinding measure to our school, Merriang SDS and the Collingwood English Language Centre South Morang Campus;

Endorsed proposed Curriculum Days for 2024.

As always, if you have any issues, ideas, questions that you would like raised at our next Council meeting, or any other support, we are more than happy to hear from families so please feel free to send me an email to Council meets twice per term on a Tuesday at 5:30pm and visitors and observers are always welcome!

Enjoy the two - week break!

Amanda Farrelly School Council President

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter COLLEGE CONNECTIONS


The Hon. Natasha Hutchins MP and our own Mill Park MP, the Hon. Lily D ’ mbrosio, who is also the Minister for Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change, visited the primary campus on Thursday, September 7.

The visit was firstly to “ check in ” on the redevelopment of our education precinct comprising of The Lakes South Morang College - Primary and Secondary campuses, Merriang SDS and Collingwood English Language Centre. The vision is to provide a learning hub and opportunities for all learners at all ages. Secondly, the visit was to celebrate our college progress and student achievements. Both Ministers have been impressed with the progress of all aspects of college life with particular emphasis on the following:

Feedback from our Senior Education Improvement Leader (SEIL) regarding the significant progress of our strategic plan in a short time

NAPLAN - particularly in reading across Years 3 & 5 and complete excellence in all testing areas at Year 9

Feedback from our School Reviewer, who was so

Our Student Attitudes to School Survey results

complimentary of the model of practice and documentation that was presented at the end of last year

2022 Awards Night celebration and the focus on building our community connections The Energy & Sustainability summit performance of our secondary students

Commitment to the refurbishments/facilities upgrades as linked to our Strategic Plan and its implementation timeline.

Staff Opinion Survey Results 2022

General local community feedback from families about our amazing staff, students and college performance.

Our wonderful student leaders on primary, Neha P, Kiara T, Ashwin B and Harry S became the key focus as tour guides and advisors of how we run the campus. The Ministers did a walk through during session 1 and 2 and actively asked questions to students about their work in classes, what they learnt, their level of engagement and participation. Congratulations to all students and the support from staff on the day. Our students were all in uniform, spoke with passion and highlighted many positives about their college. The level of excitement was very evident.

The Ministers and their accompanying staff were presented with a commemorative “ Lakes Leaf ” lapel (our college logo) which were made in the Secondary STEM class by students and coloured in the art class. A very genuine gift that epitomises our vision and practice and provided our visitors with a very authentic memento of their visit to our college. I have been informed that the Minister will wear the lapel in parliament and make comment about our college visit.

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter END OF TERM AWARDS



Prep A

Victor J

Congratulations to all of the successful award winners this term!

Prep B

Anastasia M

Prep C

Vendansh R





Sheban T


Erica D


Aden S


Remi T


Harbir S


Hadi C





Miah MT


Nisa K


Yvonne Y


Eve T


Maddie RJ


Thong B


Skye L


Olivia V





Rubi A


Qistina R


Izaak H


Loretta T


Jaydyn H


Maya K


Kris T


Braeden V


Taylor V



Kristian A


Angela T


Anhad S







Tina F

Noah L

Logan J

Tara E

Year One

Chelsea J

April C

Evelyn V

Ray T

Year Two

Charlotte M

Sarah T

Isaac M

Isla J

Year Three

Tahlia J

Medea M

Annabelle F

Hamza Z

Year Four

Mehreen K

Anthem W

Jonah B

Levi B

Year Five

Sienna T

Jacob D

Vishal S

Anitej S

Year Six

Annika M

Imogen J

Hiya D

Jamin S

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter POLICY SPOTLIGHT


The Lakes South Morang College has decided to use a closed - circuit television (CCTV) system across both of our Campuses, beginning with installation across the Secondary Campus. Our College has an obligation to ensure the school environment is safe and secure, and fulfil our duty of care to students, staff and visitors. The CCTV system will assist our College to fulfil these obligations and to prevent and manage other inappropriate behaviour on College grounds. CCTV will also provide enhanced capability to protect our College ’ s assets against vandalism and theft. We will follow Department of Education and Training policy requirements for the design, installation, management and use of the CCTV systems. This policy is available at: CCTV in Schools – Installation and Management. We will also place a CCTV Privacy Notice on our College website with more information about our school ’ s use of CCTV before it is rolled out on the Secondary Campus in Term 4, and on the Primary Campus in 2024.

If you have any questions or concerns at this stage, please contact: Marcus (Primary) on 94049000 or Bonnie (Secondary) on 94013919.

Policies are available to all families via the the Sentral Portal (under Resources) or via our website -- reports.html


Breakfast Club on Both Campuses Every Wednesday - 8.15am - 8.45am

(Except for the first week and last week of the term)


Monday 2nd

Term 4 Begins

Brainstorm Productions Performance on Primary

Friday 6th

Thursday 12th

Year 9 Drama, Arts Centre excursion

Friday 13th

Year 7 ACMI excursion

Monday 16th

Last day of Year 12

Tuesday 17th

Year 12 Celebration Day

Wednesday 18th - 8th November

Year 12 Exams

Thursday 19th

Year 9 Big Sister program

Year 1 Dinner

Friday 20th

Year 2 Sleepover

Wednesday 25th

Year 7 Immunisations

Thursday 26th

Year 3/4 Soccer Competition

Tuesday 31st

5/6 Victorian Coding Challenge

Book Now for Primary Tours on 9404 9000 for individual 2023 School Tours

Book Now for Secondary Tours on 9401 3919 for individual 2023 School Tours

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter WHAT ’ S ON @ THE LAKES

SRC NEWS The SRC students have some very exciting news...... The Lakes will be hosting..... The Lakes 2023 COLOUR RUN!

The colour run will be hosted on November 30 th Watch this space as you start to see advertising and more information about the colour run.....

A reminder to our current families who are planning to enroll siblings for Prep 2024. With Prep orientation

sessions fast approaching.

Please see the office for information about enrolling your child for 2024. All new enrolments receive a free T shirt!


Your feedback is valued. Please use the following link to provide our College Council and Leadership Team with feedback to help make The Lakes a positive learning community for all.

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter SOCIAL SCENE


BELONGINGS, AMBULANCE & INSURANCE Private property brought to school by students, staff or visitors is not insured and the Department of Education does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage. Parents and carers are reminded that the Department of Education does not provide personal accident insurance or ambulance cover for students. Parents and carers of students who do not have student accident insurance/ ambulance cover are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/ transport and any other transport costs. CURRICULUM CHARGES We can see that many parents/carers have began to make financial contributions towards the 2023 Curriculum Contributions through QKR Payments. The College is most appreciative of the continued support and commitment shown by families through their contributions. Your financial contributions are what enables our College to operate and deliver the best possible education and support for our students. With exciting upgrades happening throughout both campuses this year including new carpets, sporting facilities, fencing, lockers and upgrades of toilet facilities, it is important that we work together to provide the best facilities for our wonderful students.

ATTENDANCE - EVERY DAY COUNTS If you are aware that your child will not be attending school due to illness or other circumstances, please contact either office to ensure our attendance records are accurate. Ways of communicating absences include:

Placing a future Absence Request through the Parent SENTRAL Portal;

Calling the office;

Sending an SMS on 0427 226 537.

As required by the Department of Education, all schools must notify parents/carer informing that their child is absent. Please inform the office of absences before 10:00 am each morning.


If your child / children are not returning to the Lakes in 2024, please ensure that you have notified either the Primary Campus office or the Secondary Campus office ASAP.


The Sentral Parent Portal is the primary method for home - school communications at The Lakes.

We are excited to say that most families have access to the Parent Portal. The portal allows students and parents\carers to keep up to date with important information and communication. This includes student academic reports, parent - teacher interview bookings and permission for students to attend camps, sport and excursions.

Sentral Portal

Thank you for your support and partnering with us in 2023.

The Student and Parent Portal can be accessed at school, from home and from mobile devices.

Please call Karen on 9404 900 to discuss further, if you have a service or upcoming event you would like to promote through our Newsletter.

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD

Father ’ s Day poster



Scan the code to setup an account and select The Lakes South Morang College. Orders need to be in by 9am on the day.

The Lakes South Morang College Newsletter COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD

We are always looking to build new or foster current connections within our community!

Please call Karen on 9404 900 to discuss further, if you have a service or upcoming event you would like to promote through our Newsletter.

To thrive, children need a safe and supportive environment at school, at home and in the broader community; no exceptions. At The Lakes South Morang College, we believe meeting the physical and emotional needs of our students is paramount in laying the foundations for a fulfilling future. We pledge to provide an environment that has zero tolerance to child abuse and will strive to work in partnership with our parents and community members to keep our students safe every day, in every way.

The Lakes South Morang College Child Safety Statement

PRIMARY CAMPUS: Telephone: 9404 9000  275 Gordons Road South Morang 3752 SECONDARY CAMPUS: Telephone: 9401 3919  80 Jardier Terrace South Morang 3752 ABN 52 938 171 499  PO Box 207 South Morang 3752 

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