Aulsbrook Law Firm - February 2020

Valentine’s Day is the day people think about the most in February. Every store is packed with chocolate, and you see red, pink, and white decorations everywhere. But more important than the roses, chocolate, or any decor is love. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and a great way to celebrate your love for those who matter most to you is to write them a letter. Many people don’t take the time to write letters anymore; these days, we communicate through email or text. The art of writing letters is fading, which makes it all the more meaningful when you send or receive one. Take a few minutes to write a letter to the people you love. Let them know how much you care about them and why you appreciate them. You can also write in a journal about everything that brings you joy in life. Writing these things down is a great way to reflect on all the good things and feel better about life in general. More research is showing that writing and reflecting on positive parts of your day can do wonders for your mental health. It’s definitely worth trying! This year, Valentine’s Day will be particularly special for myself and Alison. We’ll be going back to Hawaii, our favorite destination. The picture is from our last trip to Hawaii in May 2017. It was taken on Waikiki Beach with Diamond Head located in the background. We took that last trip in celebration of my graduation from law school. I can’t believe it’s been almost three years already! It seems like a lifetime ago. This year, however, we are traveling to Maui where I will also attend a conference. Of course, the conference is only a small part of the trip. We’ll fly into Honolulu and spend six days on Oahu in Waikiki. Then, we’ll hop over to Maui for another six days. I can’t wait! We love Hawaii for several reasons. It’s beautiful there, and there’s always a view between the mountains and the beaches. We also love hiking and discovering waterfalls tucked away in the tropical rainforests. Oh, and don’t forget the daily rainbows! There is so much color in Hawaii. FEBRUARY 2020 Sharing in the LOVE


One of the reasons I love to travel and put money toward experiences like Hawaii is because I find it brings me more happiness than material possessions. At the same time, these kinds of experiences help develop my passions, build my relationship with Alison, and introduce me to new places. Plus, we make memories that last a lifetime. I consider myself truly blessed by God for the life I’m able to live today and for all of these experiences.

I hope you have a great February. Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Matt Aulsbrook 1


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