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FORS Compliant Commercial Vehicle Packages

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Brochure Contents: • FORS Compliant Kits • Commercial Vehicle Sensors • Audible Alarms • 360º Birds Eye Camera System • 4G Full HD LIVE DVR Kits



Parksafe Automotive YOUR SAFETY DRIVES US Parksafe Automotive supply and manufacture a comprehensive range of reliable, quality assured products for the automotive industry. We have supplied the automotive industry for over 30 years which has established us as a leading automotive product supplier. Quality products and exceptional customer service ensures our Parksafe Automotive, Silent Witness - Dash Cam’s, Parksafe - Consumables and Safe Locks are the go to brands of the automotive industry. Our closely controlled design and manufacturing processes coupled with our in-house research and development expertise allows us to remain at the forefront of new product development. We release consistently high quality products, made using the latest manufacturing processes. Our in-house production and assembly ensures specifications are met, quickly, efficiently and to a very high standard. Dedicated Product Support: Our vast experience of working in the automotive industry has provided us with a wealth of technical and commercial knowledge of both OEM and after-market products. We are heavily focused on the automotive market, this helps us understand what our customers want and helps us deliver those products at a competitive price. Outstanding Customer Service: Our exceptional customer service and willingness to go the extra mile is down to our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team. We provide pre and after-sales support to help our customers make informed choices on the best product to suit their requirements. For more complex questions our technical department is always available during working hours to support you and provide solutions to issues you may be experiencing. Need help 24/7? - We have lots of technical help including manuals, spec. sheets and software updates available online, at All product information & downloads are available to everyone and best of all, it’s all absolutely FREE! Exceptional Stock Availability: Our expansive warehouse facilities in the Midlands allows us to keep a large number of products in stock ready for same day dispatch. Orders are securely packed and dispatched on a 24 hour delivery service by our dedicated warehouse team. This ensures your order arrives quickly, securely and in perfect condition. Quality Distributors & Partners: Over many years in the automotive industry we have developed a strong network of approved distributors and partners, all of which have been chosen for their high level of service and expertise in the automotive industry.


Just a few of the great companies we have worked with...

Parksafe Automotive has worked with many large & small companies across the UK over the last 35 years. We offer outstanding quality of service and support to all our loyal customers, this has established Parksafe Automotive as one of the leading suppliers of automotive products to the industry.





Great Bear Case Study: Recordable CCTV for LGV and HGV Fleet Vehicles

Parksafe Automotive are proud to be in partnership with Great Bear. Great Bear are a leading UK logistics business providing nationwide warehousing and distribution solutions for a variety of global blue chip companies. Great Bear have invested in the latest comprehensive range of reliable, quality assured vehicle CCTV technology to add value, security and protection to the packages they offer to their clients.

Blind spot camera

Split screen 7” monitor

Heavy duty rear camera

4 or 8 channel DVR systems

In cab driver camera

Full recordable camera systems for your fleet

Great Bear can now provide detailed video footage of the incident if a claim occurs. Unfortunately “Crash for Cash” incident claims have become a major concern for fleet operators across the UK and Europe, costing businesses millions in 50/50 claims, where insufficient evidence of fault was submitted. A Parksafe Automotive MDVR system can give crucial evidence in 50/50 claims, saving time and money by helping to prove without doubt who was at fault. Great Bear has benefited from a reduction of 38% in fraudulent claims, due to having the MDVR 5 Channel system installed in to their fleet. Some of the benefits Great Bear have received from having a Parksafe system installed: • Prevent accidents and personal injury • Manoeuvre safely FORS compliant systems for LGV & HGV applications

• Enhance blind spot vision • Deterrent against vandalism

Transport Managers and Drivers both benefit from continuous high quality recording and the chance of accidents are reduced, due to all round visibility, when manoeuvring the LGV and HGV vehicles. The camera system is connected to an in-cab monitor which automatically displays the full image of the left, right and reverse views

around the vehicle when the indicators and reverse gear is selected. This helps to eliminate blind spots when manoeuvring, reducing the risk of accident, damage to the vehicle and enhancing the safety of both the driver and the public.




Commercial Vehicle FORS, HS2 & DVS Compliant Systems The FORS Standard Protecting Yourself, Your Vehicle & The Public


The FORS standard requires a range of blind-spot minimisation and audible warning equipment to be fitted to vehicles to help prevent accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians. We can provide FORS compliant safety solutions for all your needs. Our team have a vast amount of knowledge of OEM and after market products, allowing us to assist you in your perfect safety solution. We are all working together to make the roads and work sites safer. Parksafe’s range of vehicle safety products include a complete range of: Cameras, Monitors, 4G LIVE DVR’s, Sensor Detection Systems, Audible Alarms, Dash Cameras, Blind Spot Sticker plus much more! Our extensive knowledge of the market allows us to offer you packages, advice and support on products suitable to meet all your safety requirements. Our products are designed specifically to help you work towards achieving FORS status as well as increasing road safety.

HS2 - Compliant 360º System: High Speed 2 construction is underway and we can ensure your vehicle meets the safety requirements to access HS2 work sites. If you have a vehicle that is over 3.5t and is attending a HS2 work-site it will be required to have safety equipment fitted to it. Vehicles that fail to comply with the requirements that are in place will not be permitted on HS2 work-sites. Vehicles that are over 7.5t must have a four-way or 360-degree camera system fitted that can store up to two weeks of data which may be viewed by the principal contractor on a ‘just cause’ basis. We have a range of products to comply with this legislation to eliminate blind spots and give a 360º view around the vehicle, the following products can be used independently or combined to provide 360º visibility, protection and safety: • Full 360º Camera systems eliminating blind spots. • Audible and visual 360º alerts for both the driver and external audible warnings to protect other road users.

We offer a full range of FORS compliant kits and accessories. Our range includes Bronze, Silver and Gold standard, HD, Full HD and Full HD LIVE kits. We can supply the perfect solution to match both your budget and your specification needs.




The Direct Vision Standard - DVS Compliant Systems The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, launched the world’s first Direct Vision Standard (DVS) for HGVs. It will be an offence for any vehicle over 12 tonnes to enter London without the minimum required equipment. The scheme was created to improve the safety of all road users, particularly vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) rates HGVs which are over 12 tonnes from (0) lowest to 5 (highest). Parksafe Automotive can supply all the following equipment to meet the requirements of DVS: • A fully operational blind spot camera monitoring system with an in cab monitor • A side detection sensor system with driver alerts to be fitted to the near side of the vehicle • An audible left-turn alarm to be fitted to the vehicle to warn road users when the vehicle is manoeuvring left • Side-underhung protection • External warning stickers displayed on the vehicles to warn road users of hazards around the vehicle All European left-hand side drivers will require the equivalent for the right-hand side blind spot.


Commercial Vehicle Kits

PS360 - 360º Birds Eye View Camera System

SW008SSD-4G - 12 Channel 8 Channel With 4G, WiFi & GPS

PSSI1.3D - 4 Sensor Detection with LED Display

PSVID.1 - 4 Sensor Detection with video overlay




Commercial Vehicle Sensor Kits The Parksafe Automotive range of commercial vehicle sensors are designed to alert the driver to potential hazards when manoeuvring. Options include buzzer only, LED display with buzzer or video overlay on the monitor (As shown below) with built in buzzer.


The PSSI1.3 Side Detection System forms part of our Silver & Gold Kits that meet the FORS Standard:

Side Detection System: 3 & 4 x Sensor Kit


Flat Collars

Underhung Brackets

Angled Collars

ID: A00186

Side Detection Kit with Display Product Code: PSSI1.3D




Side Detection Kit with video overlay Product Code: PSVID.1

Commercial Vehicle Side, Step & Front Detection Kits: Product Code: Description: PSSI1.3 4 Sensor Side Detection Kit with Buzzer PSSI1.3D 4 Sensor Side Detection Kit with LED Display PSST1.1 3 Sensor Step Detection Kit with Buzzer PSVID.1 4 Sensor Side Detection Kit with Video Overlay

Audible Turning & Reverse Alarms

Parksafe Automotive offer a range of audible alarms to alert people that the vehicle is manoeuvring. Audible alarm options include: • EC-LEFTALARM - “Beep, beep, beep, caution, this vehicle is turning left” • EC-REVBLP - Night silent double engage reverse alarm • EC-REVBLP1 - Standard reverse alarm • EC-REVMF - Multi-frequency white noise reverse alarm • EC-REVV01 - “Beep, beep, beep, warning this vehicle is reversing”

EC-LEFTALARM - Audible Alarms “Beep, beep, beep, caution, this vehicle is turning left”




360º Birds Eye Camera System Product Code: PS360


Designed for safety & protection compliance: 360º safety and all round vision is becoming increasingly valuable on-site. The Parksafe 360º camera system can give added value to your business, when pushing for contracts that require 360º vision around the vehicle to gain access to on site. The PS360 system eliminates blind spots which in turn ensures protection for both the driver and people around the vehicle. The PS360 helps to reduce accidental damage to the vehicle and significantly reduces the chance of accidents on site, in turn this reduces the risk of claims for personal injury from the public.

PS360 - Kit Contents: • Full HD crystal clear images • Auto calibration • 4 X 190° cameras

360º view around the vehicle:

• GPS tracking • Parking lines • Eliminate blind spots • Improve vehicle & driver safety • Manoeuvre safely, with confidence • Reduced chance of collisions • Perfect birds eye view of the vehicle • Complete 360° vision • Four cameras, zero blind spots

Parksafe’s 360 degree camera system has been specifically designed for use in today’s work site environments where safety is paramount. Ease of installation and calibration is appealing to the purchaser, whereas the simple to use 360º system offers the operator increased safety and protection with complete 360º vision. The versatile 360º system also provides the driver with multiple viewing options when selecting reverse gear and left or right indicator.




On Demand & Premium DVR’s

Our On Demand & Premium DVR’s all come with an SSD/HDD slot and a SD card slot so footage can be retrieved manually or via Wi-Fi. This will give you high quality, crystal clear vision of your vehicles. Allowing you to reduce blind spots and put your fleets safety first.


Benefits of DVR’s: • Compatible with up to 8 Cameras (4ch & 8ch) • 1080P, 720P & 960H compatible • 2.5 SSD, Solid State Drive (2TB Max) • SD card slot (Max record 128GB) • Built in GPS • Built in Wi-Fi • Built in G-Sensor • 4G (Optional) • Historical Remote download • Lockable Case • Password Protected • 12/24V • Motion Detection • Built in super capacitor • Shockproof • Lightweight (2KG) and compact


Solid State Drive SSD

Vibration Resistant

Built In GPS


Full HD Video

Why have a DVR camera system set up? • Download data manually or via Wi-Fi • Evidence against insurance claims SW004SSD-4G - DVR 4 Channel with 4G, WiFi & GPS • Peace of mind for drivers and fleet managers • Built in GPS to record the location and speed • Prevents accidents and personal injury • Manoeuvre safely • Enhance blind spot vision Solid State Drive - SSD Our Premium DVR’s can be use a Solid State Drive (SSD) or a conventional Hard Disk (HDD). HDD records using a physical moving disk within the unit. When put in the vehicle with a constant vibration failure of HDD drives drastically increases. Our SSD drives however use no moving parts and record flash memory. This reduces the chance of failure. SSD also has a much faster read and write speed compared to HDD.

Estimated Recording Times: SSD Range

1TB - Estimated Hours

Number of Cameras


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

D1 2222 1111 741 556 444 370 317 278 720P 1111 556 370 278 222 185 159 139 1080P 556 278 185 139 111 93 79 69

2TB - Estimated Hours

Number of Cameras


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

4G Live Streaming 4G

D1 4444 2222 1481 1111 889 741 635 556 720P 2222 1111 741 556 444 370 317 278 1080P 1111 556 370 278 222 185 159 139

Real Time Tracking


iOS App

GEO Fencing

SW008SSD-4G - DVR 8 Channel with 4G, WiFi & GPS




LIVE 4G Premium DVR’s


View LIVE footage or Recordings easily: • Easily change the screen view • Simple to play back video, select the vehicle you would like to view, then select the channels you would like to view • View each channel individually or watch on - 4, 8 or 16 split screens • To view the full screen, double click and double click again to exit • Access screen shots remotely from your PC • Remotely download video footage

SW008SSD-4G - LIVE 4G 8 channel DVR

Easy access to information & data: • When a vehicle is online, information can be accessed directly by PC or mobile phone • Live Video can be streamed remotely • View the exact vehicle location and speed • Take remote screen shots

• Modify device settings remotely • SSD drives capable of storing vast amounts of data

SSD960 - SSD 960GB Drive

Fleet managers can control their fleet remotely: • Vehicle speed & location can be identified • Real time GPS vehicle monitoring via map with zoom in/out function • Remotely download tracking information • Health data analysis of: Video Loss, GPS loss, over speeding, G-sensor

Note: Live video is transmitted at a lower resolution to minimise data usage. The footage itself will look of lower quality, however, the actual footage recorded will be of higher quality.




LIVE 4G Full HD FORS Compliant Packages


ID: A00186

FORS Compliant Packages - YOUR SAFETY DRIVES US Parksafe Automotive offer a comprehensive range of FORS compliant packages to meet FORS Bronze , Silver & Gold . If you are unsure of which package you need contact us and we can advise you on the perfect package to suit your requirments and budget. We have standard packages offering the basics up to premium LIVE 4G Full HD packages that allow you to manage your whole fleet remotely and instantly access LIVE video footage and data on the go. Looking for fitting?

Parksafe Automotive offer a nationwide fitting service which is fulfilled by our carefully selected and trusted service partners. Parksafe Service Partners offer a nationwide network of professional engineers, who deliver high quality installation services and support to Parksafe Automotive customers. Parksafe Service Partners have been hand picked for their technical knowledge, fitting capabilities and customer service. Our Parksafe service engineers are experts in their field and they will quickly and efficently install your FORS compliant package, using their wealth of industry knowledge.

We offer lease finance packages... Parksafe Automotive can offer lease finance packages on our FORS compliant packages. (MOV £1000) This means you can spread the cost of your FORS compliant package over an agreed term. Parksafe lease finance starts from as little as 73p per day. ...helping to spread the cost!




Silent Witness Dash Cams





SW2300 Lockable Dash Camera

SW010.1DUAL Front & Rear Dash Camera

Silent Witness Dash Cams is part of the Parksafe Automotive group. We offer a comprehensive range of high quality HD Dash Cams suitable for a variety of automotive applications. Our most popular Dash Cam is the SW010.1DUAL featuring a HD front and rear camera that is easy to fit, user friendly and offers excellent reliability at an affordable price. All our Dash Cams include a 16GB Micro SD card, plug and play fitting kit and use G-Sensor technology to move a video clip to a separate folder in the event of a collision. The Silent Witness Dash Cam range features; HD quality video, WiFi, GPS, Speed/ Date/Time evidence, 2” LCD screens, 12mpx still image taking, battery backup, plug & play kits, hardwire kits, 16GB micro SD card, up to 128GB capability, G- Sensor, lockable, tamperproof cameras and 3G trackable dash cams.





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Codnor Gate Industrial Estate Ripley, Derbyshire DE5 3NW Email: Tel: 01773 746 591 Web:



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