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February 2020

From Princeton to Pendleton A 12-Year-Old’s Biggest Dream

My journey into law started earlier than most, but we all know the scenic route is best, right? Other lawyers may tell you they found their interest in law during undergrad or even high school. But mine started even earlier — at 12 years old back in Princeton, New Jersey. I was a very opinionated 12-year-old, so my parents joked that I should become a lawyer. While it was a passing joke, it stuck with me and gave me direction through the rest of my life. In high school, I participated in mock government and the debate team. From those experiences, I learned how to structure my arguments, and I still utilize that wisdom today. High school was a tough time for me because I felt isolated. I spent my time reading and writing, and my dreams of becoming a lawyer helped me look toward the future. After high school, I ventured to Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, where I majored in history. I had a fantastic time there finding my footing in life. I had a very close-knit group of friends, and with their help, I focused less on what I couldn’t do and more on what I could.

back on track taught me that if you never give up, you will go a lot further than you feel like you can. With the support of my family, I got back on my feet with a new perspective on life. That lesson paid off in dividends when I found a home with the team at Pendleton Law. When working on a case, I never give up until we’ve found a solution that best suits the client’s needs. I love the work we do because every day provides a new and exciting challenge, just like Professor Bergelson taught me. In criminal and traffic defense, I help people daily, and we make a difference in every case we work on. Best of all, I love arguing in court for my clients, just as the opinionated, 12-year-old me always wanted.

After Smith, I attended law school at Rutgers University. One of my professors, Vera Bergelson, taught me how to approach unusual and unique cases. She taught me how to prepare for anything that might come my way, which came in handy in my criminal and traffic defense work. As I was finishing my education at Rutgers, I interned for Justice Virginia Long of the New Jersey Supreme Court. She was plain spoken and very straight forward. This completely altered my views on the best way to deal with judges, teaching me that sometimes being direct was better than trying to structure an elaborate plan. When I wasn’t observing her in court, I wrote briefs and gained research experience.

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