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Our Consumer & Innovation Strategies division has been created with this in mind. To understand first, then act and finally reach today’s consumer aspirations, we set up a process combining market knowledge, retail intelligence and consumer insights to develop an Omni channel marketing strategy enabling a unique and consistent consumerexperiencealignedwiththeircurrentmindsetandperception. This will help us communicate meaningful messages which are aligned with our sustainable vision and ultimately accompany consumers to the next level.

OUR COMPETITIVE EDGE Today like everywhere in theworld, the Middle East luxurymarket is going through a digital transformation, meaning that everything is about building relationships with consumers offering themeverything everywhere, whether in the store or online. As we aremoving froman era of abundance to one of scarcity; we needmore than ever to be agile, fast, focused and optimise our actions, allowing us to stay ahead of the game. We have to combine our knowledge and expertise, dig deeper in our findings and extract actionable and efficient insights.

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